Newspaper report flying officer killed



Newspaper report flying officer killed


Announces that Flying Officer Maurice Monks had been reported killed. Gives details of education and employment in Lincoln and membership of Air Training Corps. Was trained in Canada and received a commission. Includes b/w photograph.



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F/O. Maurice Arnold Monks, R.A.F., 22-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Monks, of 27, Dixon-street, Lincoln, who was reported missing from air operations last June, has now been reported killed.

F/O. Monks.

F/O. Monks was educated at Hampton-st School and continued his studies during the evenings at Lincoln Technical College. Re [sic] was employed as a clerk in the Corporation Electricity Department, and was a member of 204 Lincoln Squadron A.T.C. until he enlisted in the R.A.F. in 1942. F/O. Monks was also a warden in the Carholme Division.
He received his training as a bomb-aimer in Canada, where he was granted a commission. He was promoted to the rank of Flying Officer soon after his return to England and his participation in flying operations.
He took part in many famous raids and also played a part in bombing operations on D-Day.


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