Details of crew of Lancaster LM 581



Details of crew of Lancaster LM 581


Lists crew missing on night 12/13 June 1944 and names of their next of kin.

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Lancaster III LM 581
Missing night of 12/13 June 1944.
Next of Kin.
P/O. Trevor wilmot [sic] Boyce. NZ 422047
Pilot Presb. 7.8.1922.
Father. Mr. W. Boyce.
Sgt. Joseph Burnett Carter. 1819883
Flt. Engineer C of E 30.10.1924
Father. Mr. S. Carter.
F/O. Maurice Arnold Monks. 152996
Air Bomber Cong. 17.5.1922
Father. Mr. A. Monks.
F/O. Andrew Burgess Leonard. 152791
Navigator. Presb. 2.4.1921
Father. Mr. G. W. Leonard.
Sgt. Stanley Alldis 1132284
WOP/AIR C of I 18.7.1922
Father. Mr. J. Alldis.
Sgt. Harold Rothwell. 2206323
Mid Upper Gunner C of E 19.2.1916
Sister. Mrs. J. Rothwell
Sgt. Ian Murray Ross. 1273637
Rear Gunner C of E 14.12.1922.
Wife. Mrs. I. M. Ross.
Effects have been collected and will in due course be forwarded through Air Ministry.
On Air Ministry instructions no addresses of next of kin can be disclosed, but should you desire to communicate with them, sealed and stamped envelopes should be forwarded to this unit for onward transmission.


“Details of crew of Lancaster LM 581,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 1, 2024,

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