Letter to Mr Monks from the Air Ministry



Letter to Mr Monks from the Air Ministry


Informs him that in view of information received from the red cross, his son was now s believed to have lost his life on the night 12/13 June 1944. No information was received about the place of burial and he would be recorded as missing believed killed.



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Casualty Branch,
77, Oxford Street,
Gerrard 9234
25 August, 1944.
I am commanded by the Air Council to inform you that they have with great regret to confirm the telegram in which you were notified that, in view of information now received from the International Red Cross Committee, your son, Flying Officer Maurice Arnold Monks, Royal Air Force, is believed to have lost his life as the result of the air operations on the night of 12th/13th June, 1944.
The Committee’s telegram, quoting official German information, states that your son was killed on 13th June. It contains no information regarding the place of his burial.
Although there is unhappily little reason to doubt the accuracy of this report, the casualty will be recorded as “missing believed killed” until confirmed by further evidence, or until, in the absence of such evidence, it becomes necessary, owing to lapse of time, to presume for official purposes that death has occurred. In the absence of confirmatory evidence death would not be presumed until at least six
A. Monks, Esq.,
27, Dixon Street,
[page break]
months from the date when your son was reported missing.
The Air Council desire me to express their deep sympathy with you in your grave anxiety.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant.


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