R.A.F.A Standard and victory parade London



R.A.F.A Standard and victory parade London


Left page - left - three men wearing civilian suit and tie, the centre man holding a hoisted standard, standing in front of a stone church.
Right - three men wearing civilian suit and tie, the centre man holding a grounded furled standard with buildings in the background. Both photographs captioned 'Dedication R.A.F.A standard Walton on Thames Branch'.
Right page - titled 'Victory Parade London, leaving Hyde Park 8th June'.
Top left - parade of servicemen marching with goat mascot, with crowd of spectators behind. Captioned 'RAF Apprentices, F/S Lewis (goat)'.
Top right - Officers leading parade of men with trees in the background. Captioned 'Canadians'.
Bottom left - small party of military men on the right with one standing off to the left. More troops parading in the background. Captioned 'Southern Rhodesia'
Bottom right - party of servicemen on parade, colour party in front with shouldered rifles. Captioned 'Australia'



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Six b/w photographs mounted on two album pages


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