Various RAF personnel



Various RAF personnel


Top - six airmen, all wearing tunics with three squatting in front and three standing behind. The man middle rear wears a peaked cap and has half brevet. In the background part of a building. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of MAVCP:2019/M10/06. Group of six RAF personnel outside Commanding Officer/Adjutant Office, RAF Metheringham - date unknown. At centre of rear row is an aircrew officer - brevet illegible. Four of the others are LAC's, with three displaying good conduct stripes. The LAC on the right of the front row is a corporal. The fourth man's rank or trade cannot be identified. A duplicate photo (MAVC 37-14 Bottom) is annotated as follows. Back row, left to right: LAC Ciercy, F/Lt Martin, Cpl Bird. Front row left, LAC Needle. Other two airmen are not identified.'.
Bottom - two airmen, the one on the left wearing battledress with pilot's brevet, the man on the right wearing tunic with half brevet, both standing in front of a brick building with window left and door on right. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of MAVCP:2019/M08/25. W/Cdr R E Baxter and P/O Horobin (rear gunner) standing outside hut - March/April 1943. Horobin was part of W/Cdr R E Baxter's crew at RAF Swinderby for conversion to Lancaster and Halifax. He was a former page boy at Claridge's and was killed in action as part of S/Ldr Holroyd's crew, October 1943'.

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