The terrible three



The terrible three


Introduction to folder and gives contents of the file and names the three as Squadron leader Alastair Lang DFC, Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson DFC, DFM and Squadron Leader Lighton Verdon-Roe DFC all on 156 Squadron at RAF Warboys. Mentions Eric Verdon-Roe who was killed earlier in the war.




One page handwritten document


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[underlined]”The Terrible Three”[/underlined]
156 (PFF) Sqd. Warboys.
Sqd. Ldr. Alastair G. Lang DFC
Fl. Lt. Peter Isaacson DFC DFM
Sqd. Ldr. Lighton Verdon-Roe DFC

This file contains the wartime operational log-book (photocopy) of Alastair Lang, to the night when his Lancaster was hit by flak and exploded over the target. A resume of his life (written originally as his obituary) follows, showing his close friendship with Peter Isaacson and Lighton Verdon-Roe (a real band of brothers if you like).
Peter Isaacson and his crew were then despatched to fly a new Lancaster (taken from the “Dams Raid” batch at Avro’s) all the way to Australia, in the middle of their harrowing tour of operations, and an account of this, together with copies of his log-book of the Lancaster’s journey across the Pacific and subsequent tours of Australia and New Zealand, is given in the form of a life description.
Lighton Verdon-Roe’s time with 156 Squadron and his two friends (above) is given in the form of a chapter about his life in a Biography of his father, Sir Alliot Verdon-Roe. Sadly he was the only one of this “threesome” not to survive the war, like his brother Eric Verdon-Roe who died earlier in a Whitley aircraft from Topcliffe, N Yorks.


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