Clegg, Peter Vernon. Lang, Alastair - folder


Clegg, Peter Vernon. Lang, Alastair - folder


Fifteen items. Contains description of the terrible three, a biography of Squadron Leader Alastair Lang DFC, photographs, a portrait, details of his flight engineer, operational diary, correspondence, newspaper cuttings and extracts from his log book.




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Clegg, PV

Collection Items

Extracts from Alastair Lang's pilot's flying log book
Covers from April 1941 on 150 Squadron flying Wellington, then on 21 Operational Training Unit and finally on 156 Squadron with Wellington and then Lancaster until operation to Dortmund 4 May 1943 when his aircraft was hit and target indicator bomb…

Telegram to Mrs A G Lang
Reports that German broadcast announced that her husband's flight engineer was prisoner of war with his skipper presumably her husband who is safe and well. Awaiting official confirmation.

Two letters - Award of pathfinder badge
Top - letter to Mrs Lang enclosing certificate of award of pathfinder badge to her husband.
Bottom - mentions that Lang was reported missing on 4 May 1943 was permanently awarded the path finder badge.

Letter to Alastair Lang's wife from RAF casualty branch
Expresses regret that her husband was missing as a result of air operations to Dortmund on night 4 May 1943. Does not necessary mean he was killed and they would make enquiries through Red Cross.

Letter to Alastair Lang's wife from station commander RAF Wyton
Offer sympathy over report of her husband being reported missing. Mentions possibility of safe bale out and that he was well reported on by his squadron commander.

Letter from Donald Bennett to Alastair Lang and two newspaper cuttings
Top - newspaper cutting mentioning Lang's award of DFC.
Middle - letter congratulates him on award of Distinguished Flying Cross.
Bottom - newspaper cutting announcing award of DFC to Flight Lieutenant Alastair Grant Lang.

Operational diary
Page from operational diary for attack on Dortmund with details of five crews including that of Flight Lieutenant A G Lang which is noted as failed to return. Includes details of the operation for the other four crews.

Jack Leslie Clark "Nobby" DFM flight engineer
Relates "Nobby" Clark's experiences after his aircraft was hit by anti aircraft fire and exploded. Initially trapped as the aircraft broke up an span with him eventually being thrown out along with the pilot and parachuted safely to earth despite…

Portrait of Alastair Lang
Full face black and white portrait of 'Sqn Ldr Alastair Grant Lang DFC (from a drawing in Stalag Luft III by Leonard Pearman'.

Alastair Lang in front of a Wellington
Two men wearing flying jackets standing by the rear fuselage of a Wellington letter 'H-JN'. Captioned 'Sgt pilot Alastair Lang beside his Wellington in 150 Squadron'.

Alastair Lang
Head and shoulder portrait of an RAF sergeant wearing tunic with pilot's brevet. Captioned 'Alastair Lang as a Sgt pilot in 150 Squadron'.

Alastair Lang
Head and shoulders portrait of an RAF officer wearing tunic and peaked cap. Captioned 'Sqn Ldr Alastair Lang DFC'.

Squadron Leader A G Lang - operations
Note of numbers of operations flown on 150 and 156 Squadrons by Alastair Lang

The terrible three
Introduction to folder and gives contents of the file and names the three as Squadron leader Alastair Lang DFC, Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson DFC, DFM and Squadron Leader Lighton Verdon-Roe DFC all on 156 Squadron at RAF Warboys. Mentions Eric…

Biography of Squadron Leader Alastair G Lang DFC
One of three friends at RAF Warboys along with Peter Isaacson and Lighton Verdon Roe. Notes that Lang did 19 operations with 150 Squadron, 3 while on Operational Training Unit and 28 on 156 Squadron before his aircraft blew up over a target and he…
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