A true war story



A true war story


Humorous story of a young airman billeted with a war widow.

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A young airman hammered and shouted at a guardhouse gate a RAF Station asking
to be let in. At 2.30 am the action could have been suspicious. However, because
there was a severe frost and he was only wearing a pair of pyjama trousers he was
allowed to enter the post. Very young, and shaking with the cold, he did not
appear to be a spy or a threat and as he told of his reason for disturbing the Guards
they gave him a bed in the cells. Apparently, he was posted to the Station as a spare
bod having just received his Brevet.
On arriving at the railway station, he was met by a Sgt. and taken to lodgings as
there were no beds available at the RAF station until the next night. The landlady
was a young widow (war) and he was given a delicious meal and shown his room.
At about 9 pm, having listened to the news, he retired to bed and was soon asleep.
He was woken by a hand entering his pyjamas, jerking away he looked round to
see the widow had joined him in bed. He was between her and the wall and for
what seemed an eternity he tried to avoid the questing hands of the lovely nude
widow. Because she was naked, he felt unable to touch her and so could not escape.
Meanwhile she was promising him all the delights a man could wish for, her hands
caressing any part of his body left unguarded. In defence he curled up into a ball,
not that it did any good as the lady was most persistent. At about 1.30 am the
widow had to answer a call of nature whereupon he was out of bed and outside
with alacrity. He made his way to the RAF Station with all haste, which is why he
had only his pyjamas on and had no 1250 or other papers.
In the morning the orderly Sgt and MP were sent to pick up the possessions he had
left behind. They were detained for quite a while. The widow was most irate and
said she did not want anyone like that again and that she couldn't understand any
man like that. She'd had dozens of lads sent in the last 3 years and not one had
The young man could not get a crew to fly with. If he couldn't cope with a loving lady how
could he face the belligerent Hun. Eventually he was posted, but so was the story.



“A true war story,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 29, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30904.

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