Gives account of time at Bridlington which included training on basic navigation, bomb aiming, wireless operating and morse code. Also included physical training and drill. Mentions training on machine guns and then moved on to Lindholme, Pembrey, Sandtoft and Bridgnorth.




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On joining and training at Grove Court, the Padre told us which sins we must not commit. The Medical Officer told us how to commit them and the Discipline Flt/Sgt told us what would happen if caught.
[underlined]1943[/underlined] On leaving Grove Court in London, I then went to
Bridlington. We lived in huts by the Spa. We actually had our meals in Bridlington Spa, which had been taken over by the RAF. We used the Spa as a communal centre and for lectures. A" my time at Bridlington was classroom stuff, apart from clay pigeon
shooting, which was also part of the training for gunnery. We were being taught the basics of navigation, bomb aiming, wireless operating and morse code. We also had physical training which could be a ten mile run or a route march along the beach,
avoiding the mined areas and of course there was always square bashing which everyone hated. We started to learn about machine guns, Brownings mainly, all the types that fitted into a Fraser Nash turret. Point five s, three oh three's. The point fives
were the type being used by the group we were going to in a Rose turret. I had two point fives instead of four three oh three's.

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From Bridlington, we went to Lindholme, Pembrey and Sandtoft to Bridgnorth. This is where I started flying, but we also did everything else, but just the basics.



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