Letter from Wally Layne to his wife



Letter from Wally Layne to his wife


Writes that he will be glad when the baby comes, that he had received a parcel and was very pleased with the contents. Asks for hair cream and boot polish in next one. Discusses mail and friends and mentions that snow has gone and that he was playing rugby next Sunday. Concludes with comments about baby.




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One page handwritten letter


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April 7/44

My dearest one, I hope you are keeping well, I shall be glad to hear that you have had the baby and are OK. I received my parcel today, it was just what I wanted, it couldn't have been better if I had chosen the stuff myself, I was surprised to see it arrive, some of the fellows are waiting for August parcels, I expect cigarettes will come along about June. The shoes of your father wouldnt fit me they are too small but that is nothing to worry about, send some hair cream in my next parcel, also some boot polish. I hope you are getting my mail all right, I write you once a week, I have had twenty letters from you up to now, five from Thorneydene and one from Brigg, I haven't had one from Bella since February, I expect they wil come along. Robbie had a letter from you yesterday also one from Shirley, I dont think he has ever been out with a girl, he is thrilled to bits, I feel very jealous, especially when he didn't let me read Shirley's, I share my mail with anyone. Today has been the most marvellous day of the year, most of the snow has gone now, I hope we dont get any more, we had a heavy fall last week. I am playing Rugby on Sunday. I play for a team called the Tigers, what a name, we get about one game a week, that is enough as we dont get enough food to do much more. When you feeding the baby, give it soup, 'Layne's bairns like broth', you ask Bella. Must close now lots more I could say. All my love Walt.



W H Layne, “Letter from Wally Layne to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 17, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30794.

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