Letter from Wally Layne to his wife



Letter from Wally Layne to his wife


Reports arrival of mail and says he had written to Air Ministry asking them to open an account in her name and mentions other financial matters. Catches up with news of friends and acquaintances. Mentions going to church and asks her not to send him an officer's uniform as he was well off for clothes. Mentions his gun and losing his silk scarf and mothers ring when he baled out. Hoped this would be the only anniversary they were apart.




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Feb 15/44

My dearest Joan, I received letters this week dated 7/12/43 8/12 26/12 and 15/12, also one from Bella dated 23/12/43, I have written to the A/M asking them to open an a/c in your name at Lloyds, and telling them to put £3 per week into it, the remainder to go to an a/c in my name at the same bank, I have written to the Bank manager telling them of this. I was very sorry to hear of Shirleys trouble, tell her how sorry I am, I haven’t any cards left to write to her this month. Just because I havent been confirmed it doesn’t mean I’m a blinking heathen, I went to church twice last Sunday. For heavens sake dont send an officers uniform out here, I shouldn’t know what to do with it. I am very well off for clothes. I am pleased to hear you are writing to Mac, they were very good to Bob & I, I left my gun up at their farm, it will be ok. When I baled out I lost my silk scarf and my mothers ring which was on my little finger & was a bit loose, you can break the news at Thorney dene if you will, the scarf just floated away before I could grab it, I was sorry to see it go, I should think it is on some frau now, it was a good one and had been all over the place. Will you write to Irvins enrolling me in the catapillar [sic] club. I hope this will be the only aniversary [sic] we shall be apart, everyone here is very optimistic. All my love Walter



W H Layne, “Letter from Wally Layne to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30790.

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