Three postcards from Wally Layne to his wife



Three postcards from Wally Layne to his wife


Top - writes he is fit and well and that he went to a pantomime previous night. Mentions ice skating and not having any mail.

Middle - writes that he still has not heard from her. Hope mail and cigarettes on the way. Writes of meeting old school acquaintance.

Bottom - says he is keeping fit and well. Mentions skating but thaw had arrived and maybe winter was over. Still no mail but hoping.




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Three handwritten prisoner of war postcards


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Datum Jan 11/44

My dearest Joan, I hope you are keeping well, I am quite fit and have not even had a cold yet, pretty good for me. I went to the Pantomine [sic] last night, it was quite good, I had about an hour on the ice this morning, my ankles are rather stiff after it. I haven’t had any mail yet, I expect it will be coming along in due course. All my love Walt.

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Datum Jan 16/44

My dearest Joan, I hope you are all keeping well, I havent [sic] heard from you yet but I am still hoping, I expect there is plenty of mail on the way, also cigarette parcels. I met another fellow yesterday who was at school with me. Lets [sic] hope 44 will be the last year of the war, it always was a pretty lucky number for me. All my love keep smiling Walt.

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Datum 22 1 44

My dearest Joan, I am keeping very fit and well, hope you are the same. We have had a few days skating but the thaw has come along and it looks as if the winter is over. I haven’t had any mail from you yet but am still hoping, there should be some this month, write often and send plenty of cigs. Love Walt.



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