620 Squadron crews



620 Squadron crews


Lists 5 crews from 620 Squadron that all crashed with several crewmen killed and others prisoners of war. All dated 20, 21 and 23 September 1944.

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620 Squadron
LK127 20 Sept. 1944
Crashed near Heteren.
* F/O A R Scanlon Captain.
P. F/O E B Dane Navigator.
* F/S J R Lamont Air Bomber.
P. F/S W J Murray Flight Engineer.
* W/O E J McGilvray Wireless/Op. (RAAF)
* Sgt. J W Marshall Air Gunner
* Died – P. Prisoner of war.

LK548 20 Sept. 1944
Crashed at Nistelrode (Flak)
* P/O M McHugh Captain.
F/S J G Hulme Navigator.
F/S N Gascoyne Air Bomber.
P. Sgt. D P Evans Flight Engineer.
* F/S A E Bradshaw Wireless/Op.
* Sgt. T Vickers Air Gunner
* Died – P. Prisoner of war.

LJ830 21 Sept. 1944
Crashed 3 miles W of Arnhem
P. F/O H M McLeod Captain.
P. F/O R Newton Navigator.
P. F/O H Bate Air Bomber.
P. Sgt T Haig Flight Engineer.
P. F/O C C King Wireless/Op. (RAAF)
* F/O J R Thomas Air Gunner
* Died – P. Prisoner of war.

LJ946 21 Sept. 1944
P. F/O J C L Carey Captain.
P. F/L D N Cook Navigator.
P. F/S C M Hinder Air Bomber.
P. Sgt C N Bucleman Flight Engineer.
P. F/S F Andrews Wireless/Op.
P. F/S H S Pritchard Air Gunner
P. Prisoner of war.

LJ873 23 Sept. 1944
Crashed near Oss
W/C D H Lee Captain.
F/S E Pratt Navigator.
F/S J P Baker Air Bomber.
F/S D Naylor Flight Engineer.
F/S A D Hurd Wireless/Op.
F/S M Hennessey Air Gunner
Crash land all safe.



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