Letter to Frank Nolan from the Ministry of Aircraft Production



Letter to Frank Nolan from the Ministry of Aircraft Production


Offering him, subject to conditions to be appointed as examiner in the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate in Liverpool.



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[Ministry of Labour stamp]

Leatherhead 3071/4.


P.S.2. c.



Sec./Pers./10917 /P.S.2.c.

[Date stamp] 20 FEB 1942


I am directed to offer you, subject to your being certified physically fit to the satisfaction of the Department, and to the receipt of satisfactory references in regard to you, a temporary appointment as an assistant examiner in the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate on the following conditions :-

(a) the appointment will be in the first instance at

Liverpool District,
Royal Liver Buildings
Liverpool 3.

but you will be liable to serve at any other Aeronautical Inspection establishment as the needs of the service may require;

(b) the appointment will be probationary in the first instance for three months. During that period your service may be terminated at any time without notice, and thereafter it will be subject to termination at any time by one week’s notice on either side;

(c) the appointment will be non-pensionable and will carry a fixed salary of £3.10.6. a week plus Civil Service War Bonus (at present 10s.0d a week), payable weekly in arrear;

The bonus is subject to modification at any time;

(d) in the event of your originating, working out or perfecting any invention during the period of your employment you will, if so ordered, assign to the Government all your rights in respect of such invention or enter into such agreement for its use as you may be directed to do by the Government, and you will not, without permission of the Government, part with any of your rights to such invention during the period of your employment;

[Inserted] J. F. Nolan Esq., [/inserted]

No. 1286. P.T.O.

[Page break]

- 2 –

(e) the working hours are normally 40 1/4 a week (net). The whole of your time must, however, be at the disposal of the Department normally without additional remuneration. Payment will, however, be made for excess hours worked during the present emergency;

(f) the appointment will also be subject to the regulations governing the employment of civilian staff under the Department as laid down in “Office Instruction” or “A.P.826” and subject to any additions and amendments thereto as the Department may at any time direct. This information will be available to you upon your taking up duty in this Department.

If you desire to accept the appointment on these conditions, I am to request that you will notify this Department in writing at the earliest possible date, stating when you will be able to report for duty, and that you will arrange to attend before a duly qualified medical practitioner for examination as to your physical fitness for the appointment. You should take with you the enclosed Form which should be completed and returned in the accompanying envelope to this Department by the medical practitioner conducting the examination. Should the result of this examination prove satisfactory, you will be informed as to the date on which you should report for duty.

Any expense incurred in undergoing medical examination or in taking up the appointment cannot be borne by this Department.

I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,





“Letter to Frank Nolan from the Ministry of Aircraft Production,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 10, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28952.

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