Letter from Harold Dryhurst to Kaye Wagstaff



Letter from Harold Dryhurst to Kaye Wagstaff


Writes that he looks forward to her letters. Continues with friendly banter and talks a little of his activities.




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Handwritten prisoner of war letter card


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H G Dryhurst
Stalag 344.
[ink stamp]
[underlined] 4.5.1944 [/underlined]
My dear Kaye,
[indecipherable word] delighted to receive your three letters. [date stamp] Really Kaye dear don’t think that any of your letters would bore me, I most readily look forward to all your mail.
Exactly who married June, afraid the letter must have imparted to [sic] much information. It would be great to be back with you swimming, dancing shows etc. Do you realise I have not seen a young woman for at [missing words] year and [missing word] behind wire [missing words] give how [missing words] feminine [missing words] don’t be mislead as to our mis-fortune. I would be highly elated to receive some super-snapshots of yourself Kaye to make you [underlined] my [/underlined] “pin-up girl”. My occupations here are P.T. fencing, general study but our thoughts always remain with those at home, it’s our one and only [underlined] Utopia. [/underlined] How did you find I was missing in ’42. My address is 13, North Ave, Chelmsford. We had a carnival fair here last week-end, we put on a mass parade with a model of a 4-engine Lanc. Also saw a good play by civilian internee visitors “Ghost Train”. How do you fare with our allied friends I’m still 200 per cent English. Can’t write too much censorship and what not, my compliments to your people, Cheerio, Loads of Love
Harold, xxxxxx.
[ink stamp]


H G Dryhurst, “Letter from Harold Dryhurst to Kaye Wagstaff,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 27, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28675.

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