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A group of 25 airmen in uniform, all with side caps. outside a wooden building with brick foundations and glass windows. They are arranged in rows with three sitting cross legged on the ground, four sat behind, 13 standing and five standing on a…

A compilation of names and addresses. Includes Thomas' service and prisoner numbers and identifies his camp barrack as 17A.

Debrief questionnaire. Gives personal details of Warrant Officer Thomas McMahon including list of the prisoner of war camps and hospitals he was in as well as his state of health, lectures attended before capture and interrogations after capture.…

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Christmas greetings sent by Thomas to his mother. Includes Thomas' service and prisoner numbers, a sketch of a guard tower with fencing in woods and a map of Great Britain. Printed 'A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year' and 'Drawn by K.V.Wood, P.o.W.…

He writes from prisoner of war camp. He has had influenza but is better. He has received his first parcel and is very pleased with it. One sentence has been censored. He expects Christmas to be a bit different.

A plan of the layout of all the sections of the camp.

A scale plan of the POW camp, Stalag VIIIB

The letter advises that the Red Cross has been officially informed that John is a prisoner of war.

He is well and has received mail. He has cigarettes and asks for more.

He is well but has not had any mail recently.

He is well but has not heard from his parents lately.

He is well and waiting for parcels, preferably cigarettes.

He is well and studying. He has been getting regular mail. He asks for a pipe, tobacco and cigarettes.

He has received several letters and repeats a request for a pipe.

He is well and thanks them for two cigarette parcels. He has been sunbathing and been at church.

He is well. Weather is hot. He expects an end to the war soon.

He is well, playing bridge, reading and walking.

He is well and has received a letter. He appreciates the pipe that he has recently received.

He is well and has received letters. He asks for photos.

He is well but has not had much mail.

Addressed to prisoner of war, John, from fellow prisoner, Iga in Stalag VI C.

He has received three parcels, in total. He is well. He especially liked the clothing parcel and cigarettes from his office.
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