Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father



Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father


He tells Doris he has received a telegram stating that his son has lost his life. His belongings have been returned to him in a suitcase.




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One double sided handwritten letter


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[typewritten] Telephone 185. 73, Emscote Road, Warwick. [typewritten]

March 18th/44

Dear Doris
It is with a broken heart that I am writing to tell you of a telegram received from Air Ministry yesterday afternoon a few hours after receiving my dear boys suit case of belongings. The content of the telegram reads “Deeply regret to advise you that according to information received through the International Red Cross Committee your Son Sergt: E.M.J Pease is believed to have lost his life as result of Air operation on 2/1/44. The Air Council express their profound sympathy – Letter follows shortly – How very much against our cherished hopes – but if it is Gods Will we must hold to the inevitable. Needless to mention his Sisters are like myself broken hearted – It was a very painful duty sorting out & checking his belongings which has to be done to send a receipt to Slough. One thing I can’t understand Doris is the question of the £24.0.3 which you mentioned was included among them – There was no trace in the case and his poor wallet was empty. Strangely Too in the original inventory from Slough no money was mentioned –

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Perhaps you may be able to further enlighten & guide me in this matter. I found a lovely snap of dear Monty in Private life and which I am going to get enlarged for the family ties and of course you will be included.

By way of a little comfort I should like to hear from you soon and don’t forget to thank your Mother for the lovely letter she wrote to me. I feel [indecipherable word] not having answered it but she will understand my mind has been preocupied [sic].

My daughters join with me in expressing their kindest & sincerest wishes
From Father
I still feel a glimmer of hope



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