Reddish, Doris


Reddish, Doris
Dorris Edith Reddish
D E Reddish


14 items. An oral history interview with Doris Reddish (1925 - 2017) a memoir, correspondence and photographs. She served in the Royal Observer Corps.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Doris Reddish and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Reddish, DE

Collection Items

Monty Pease
A half length portrait of Monty smoking a pipe.
On the reverse 'Monty Edward Montgomery John Pease'.

Doris Reddish
A head and shoulders portrait of Doris in Royal Observer Corps uniform.
On the reverse 'Doris Edith Reddish ROC 12/10/25 -17/05/17'.

No 107 Gunnery Leader Course
Nine airmen arranged in two rows at the tail of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the annotation at the bottom of the image.
On the reverse is a stamp with 'RAF Station Leconfield'.

Men who Flew into History - Were you with Them?
A newspaper cutting with a squadron photograph of 617 Squadron in front of a Lancaster. Guy Gibson is in the centre of the front row.

My Work in the Royal Observer Corps
Doris' experience in the Royal Observer Corps. She explains how they would record an aircraft. They recorded all aircraft.

Doris Reddish's Royal Observer Corps Badges
14 items from Doris' service in the Royal Observer Corps.
Item 1 is the two badges on her cap.
Item 2 and 3 are Doris' cap.
Item 4 and 5 are both sides of an enamel badge.
Item 6 is a cloth Royal Observer Corps badge.
Item 7 is a cloth rank…

5 Reichsmark Banknote
A 5 Mark banknote.

Letter to Doris from WH Pease
The letter refers to the shock of his son, Monty being missing in action.
The letter is incomplete.

A Warrior on Wings
This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Letter to Mrs E Wright from WH Pease
A letter to Mrs Wright and Doris with details of Monty's final resting place. He includes some family news.

Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father
He tells Doris he has received a telegram stating that his son has lost his life. His belongings have been returned to him in a suitcase.

Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father
The letter explains that he has talked to the only survivor of the crashed aircraft. He describes the events when the aircraft was shot down.

Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father
The letter thanks Doris for her letter. The Air Ministry have told him Monty is buried at Otternhagen. He invites Doris to visit.

Interview with Doris Reddish
Doris Reddish attended Sleaford High School followed by commercial college. She worked at Moore, Cooper and Burkett’s in Market Rasen until she joined the Royal Observer Corps. She trained in Lincoln for aircraft recognition then served as a table…
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