Letter from Mrs Joan Wareing to Group Captain Cribb



Letter from Mrs Joan Wareing to Group Captain Cribb


She writes that she has been unable to get any replies to her letters concerning her husband’s car documents, held by the Air Ministry, and which she needs in order to get the car moved back home. She has been advised that the repairs to the car have now been completed but cannot collect it without the documents. She is therefore asking for Group Captain Cribb’s assistance in obtaining the documents.




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56, West Common Gardens,
Old Brumby,
20th November, 1944.
Dear Group Captain Cribb,
I do not wish to worry you unduly with my queries, but I seem unable to get any replies to my letters asking for my husband’s Car Registration Book, Insurances, Cheque Books etc. held by the Air Ministry Dept. at Accts. 13. Worcester.
I have now been informed that my husbands car repairs are now complete and I wish to collect same at some future date, but cannot do so until I receive the above and check the licence, insurance etc.
I have written three times already without success, and I should appreciate your help in this matter. Also am I entitled to special petrol ration for the purpose of bringing the car back to my home?
Unfortunately, I cannot say I have received any further news since the broadcast message, but I shall have to be still more patient and wait.
Yours sincerely



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