Letter to Joan Wareing from auntie and uncle



Letter to Joan Wareing from auntie and uncle


Say that they are delighted to know that Bob is safe and wish him a speedy return. Passes on other news and gossip. Ask if she has had any other news.



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Four page handwritten letter


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Sept 19 1944.
47 High Street

My Dear Joan,

We was[sic] delighted to get your telegram last Monday, 6 P.M. & to know Bob was safe. It lifted the cloud somewhat, as we had prayed for Bob & also yourself, all the time & shall continue to do likewise. You was[sic] never out of our thoughts since we returned from our holiday. I should have wrote you earlier.

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Joan, as you said you would be writing, I thought I would wait, but I know you would have such a lot to do & think about, so I would send a few of lines to day. Well Joan, you would be surprised to know that there is a Squadron Leader at Little Stoughton from[?] Kimpton & it happens to be Robert pal’s father, his name his[sic] Doyle he knows Bob & he knew he was missing, & he also said he was a Master Bomber & what a splendid crew Bob had, of course we did not get to know

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any more than what you told us when we was[sic] over. He happened to be on leave the same week as your Bob, should have been.

Now my Dear, have you heard any more from Bob. We have been wondering if he would get released after Harve[sic] was liberated last week, we are hoping & praying for the best, & trust he as[sic] not got wounded very much.

Shall we glad to have a line from you just to let us know. Really it was [inserted] not [/inserted] long after all in

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getting to know & especially to have a letter from Bob but I know the 4 weeks would seem 4 years to you, but cheer up my dear, it will soon be over now & you will be together once again. We had a letter from Grandad & also Auntie Fanny. Now I must close, with all our love to you from your loving Auntie & Uncle also Christopher & Robert

[underlined] P.S. [/underlined]
Give our love to Bob when writing & wish him a speedy return.



“Letter to Joan Wareing from auntie and uncle,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28161.

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