Letter to Alan Green from Averil



Letter to Alan Green from Averil


Averil expresses surprise at receiving several letters from Alan. She has had a photograph taken but it will be three or four weeks before it arrives. Then she has been off work because she has had a severe cold.




Five handwritten sheets


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“Hey Tor”
Birches Lane,
Friday 13th

Darling Alan,

After having recovered from shock, I can now reply to yours letters, hope you note its in the plural. How nice for you to have been able to look Basil up, and from all reports he's fighting fit, I can guess what kind of time you two had to-gether.

If and when you do fly over Kenilworth, don't scare us too much, and please leave our chimney pots alone.

I haven't seen anything of Don at all, I was quite surprised to hear he was going over to India. Basil is very keen to go there, isn't he? I had a card from

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Don at Xmas, plus his address, and I have been meaning to write to him, but it takes all my time supporting the Air – Force these days without starting on the Army.

I haven't been able to get seats for the Hippodrome, but as its next week and you won't be home, it won't be very much use, still the week you come on leave (big hopes) there's quite a good show on , I believe, Flanagan & Allen, in a skit on “1066 and all that” which I think might be more enjoyable than the other show. I seem to be taking it for granted that you'll go, don't I? Still I hope you will.

By the way I have at last had my photo taken, but It will be about three to four weeks, before

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anything comes of it, so you won't have anything to frighten you for the next month, go on heave a sigh of relief.

I haven't been to work for the last two days. I came home Wednesday absolutely frozen, a thick head and my throat ached like nothing on earth, I thought I'd got flu or something, anyway I feel a lot better to-day, so what ever it was, I think I must have caught it in time.

Nothing very exciting has happened just lately, except a dog-fight the other evening, fifteen were having a grand scrap and I believe one was killed, and from what I can make out the owner going to make a case of it, - damn silly, but I suppose

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asked me for a photo of myself. But you've only mentioned once about sending me one of yourself so don't forget will you.

Do you think that Basil might be on leave about the same time as you, I believe I mentioned that Doreen was anxious to meet him, and if he was I thought it would be a splendid opportunity for them to meet, poor Basil if he only knew of my plotting and planning behind his back, he'd bless me, still perhaps its as well that he doesn't.

I knew there was something I wanted to tell you. I heard the other day that the Greswold is being taken over by the Army on Monday, and am I mad, the only decent place for dancing and the so and so

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army has to take it.

Well I think that is about all for now, and I'm still two up on you, - so sorry.

Take care of yourself.





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