Letter to Alan Green from Averil



Letter to Alan Green from Averil


Averil expresses delight about Alan phoning her. She asks for more letters and tells him to take care.





Four handwritten pages


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“Hey Tor”
Birches Lane,

My Dear Alan,

I'm so glad you rang me up to-night, I was feeling rather depressed, and had almost got to the stage of self-pity and that'll never do. I thought somehow you might phone me and as you said, it must have been intuition.

Sorry to hear your journey wasn't so good, you evidently don't get the fun out of travelling as I do, one of these days I shall have to show you, how to tackle it.

I hope you'll excuse the writing if its not very good, but I'm doing my best to

[page break]

balance my writing case on my knee and write at the same time, its much too cold to move from the fire, its the kind of cold that creeps in everywhere, and unless you sit on top of the fire you don't get warm, - oh damn I'm starting about the weather again, and that subject is taboo, so don't you dare forget.

I'm missing you already Alan, so heaven only knows what I'm going to do for the next six weeks, so don't forget to write me some really nice letters, my only compensation at the moment.

I hope the party will go down alright, and mind its two legs you stagger to bed on. I envy you all these parties you are able to have.

[page break]

Work just didn't go down with me to-day, I was bored stiff because I'd finished everything I had to do in two hours, and nobody could find me anything to do, that's the war effort.

I know there was something I wanted to ask you, can a woman take up Dispensing, and how long is it before you are qualified?

I should love to have brought the car up to Norfolk. I only wish my driving was good enough for me to do so, how will you get it back up there anyway?

By the way I took you at your word about your socks. I can easily sit and do them and anything else you want,

[page break]

whilst I sit and hug the fire in the evenings, I can sew you know, so don't be scared that they won't be alright. I can make myself useful at times, - in case you didn't know.

I have actually been able to write about something, but if it doesn't make sense just feel sorry for me and forgive me.

Take care of yourself, I'm afraid I can't tell you that too many times.

All my Love,



Averil, “Letter to Alan Green from Averil,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28138.

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