Letter to Joan Wareing from Mary



Letter to Joan Wareing from Mary


Writes of her own medical trails and tribulations and other travels and activities. Says Joan must be anxious now Bob is back on operations. Asks how Joan got on at the wedding. Concluded with more gossip.



Four page handwritten letter


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[underlined] Thursday. Aug 10th [/underlined]
The Grove,
Carlton Lane,
Nr. [underlined] Leeds [/underlined]
My Dear Joan,
Many thanks for your recent letter, it arrived the morning I was going to City General Hospital for X-Ray. I had had two X-rays already that week your letter came & was going for the 3rd, up to now I have not heard results, as Mr Marshall who I am under was going away for 2 weeks holiday, & they told me he would want to see me, therefore, it was no use going until he returned, so I shall go a week tomorrow to see him. You will see by the above address that I am away from home, I came last Friday to stay with Aunty Mary & Denney arrived Sunday for dinner & returned to York on Tuesday. Dad also came on
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Sunday from Sandal & travelled back as far as Leeds with Denney on Tuesday Aunty also as a friend of hers staying with her from London, & she is so pleased of the rest & quiet from the F. Bombs, she came to Yorkshire the first week in July (her first visit to Yorks) & had not had her clothes off since Feb, what a terrible life it must be for them, we dont [sic] know there is a war on compared to the Londoners. I believe I told your Mum in my last letter, about my previous attack of pain, you see Joan my wound had been healed up about 6 weeks, so I felt frightened, as my Dr told me when it reopened before Easter, that so long as it was coming away I had not to worry, the trouble was, when there was pain & it was not getting away, so he ordered me to see Mr Marshall & be X-rayed, well since
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that, I am pleased to say it as [sic] re-opened & is discharging again, I wonder when there will be an end to it. I have been going to come here ever since coming home, so we decided at last, & thought the change would do me good, I am returning to York on Saturday, then we go to Blackpool on Sept 2nd for a week. I only hope the weather is kind to us, as it makes all the difference.
Well Joan, you will think this is all about myself. I was delighted to get your letter as they are most interesting. Yes, I knew you were back home again it must be a terrible anxious time for you Joan while Bob is on ‘ops’, lets hope it wont [sic] be long now before all our loved ones are back home again. The news seems to be good just now & it may not be long before we deliver the ‘Knockout’ blow to Germany. I feel so sorry for Esme & her two children
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how lovely it would be if she could just hear he was safe & well.
How did you go on at the wedding? suppose you all spent a happy time together, it would be quite a sensation for you to see Bob lead the bride down the aisle, the world is small when you think of it.
Yes, Denney is still at Gallons & gets along very well, in spite of all the worry as regards Rationing, Farms galore & Staff, of course, he misses me very much, but I’m afraid I shall never be behind the counter again. Hope there is better news of George [indecipherable word] family in your next letter, he as [sic] had more than his share of trouble. I wrote to Ellie before I came away, so no doubt, I shall hear from her next week.
Well Joan, please give my fondest love to your Mum & Dad, also all at Messingham.
So Cheerio & all the Best. Love Mary & Denney XXXX



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