Letter from Victor Mendelski



Letter from Victor Mendelski


A letter written by Victor to his parents from his prisoner of war camp. He states that he is well fed and describes his camp life.



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[missing words] at my permanent camp and now more or less settled down. The food is pretty good as we receive one Red Cross parcel per week. We are allowed to send 2 letters & 4 post-cards each month. You will be able to find out what stuff you can send me by asking the local Red X agent. You could probably get the address from the W.V.S. in the village. Dont [sic] worry about me as its quite all right here and the huts are very warm. George, Jack, Ron & Cyril are all P.O.W.’s but we dont [sic] know about Dave & Sam. We have no work to do here so we have an easy time. Some of the fellows have made some marvellous things out of old scraps. Once I’ve properly settled down, I think I’ll put my hand to it. I hope that you’re all keeping well and not worrying about me, and that Gran is OK too. I’ll leave the next 2 lines for the addresses I’m just going to write to Daphne. Your Vic xxx
Letters – Stalag Luft 3 Lager E
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Victor Mendelski, “Letter from Victor Mendelski,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28116.

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