Letter to Jack Marsden from Albert Roland



Letter to Jack Marsden from Albert Roland


A letter in French with an English translation from a French reistance fighter.



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One typed and one handwritten sheet


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[underlined] F.F.I. Yonne [/underlined]
Auxerre le 6/12/44
Chér Ami
Je serais trés heureux de recevoir de vos nouvelles, vous vous souvenez surement du Facteur des P.T.T. qui est venu vous recueillir avec ses camarades du maquis dans un petit pays de l’Yonne le 5 mai 1944 apres votre descent forcée. Mes deux camarades de l’auto ont étè tués peut de temps après J’ai moi méme étè blessé au cours d’une liaison de nuit et je n’ai plus eu de nouvelles de vous.
Je suis maintenant dans les rangs de la nouvelle armée Francaise et j’espére bientôt me battre contre l’ennemi commun.
Dans l’espoir de recevoir de vos nouvelles je vous serre cordialement la main
My kindest regards to Mr
Exp: Caporal AUBERT Roland 1ére demi-brigade
E.M. du 1er Bataillon
Auxerre (Yonne)
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F.F.I. Yonne.
December 6th. 1944.
Dear Friend,
I should be very happy to receive your news, you must remember the Postman of the P.P.T. who came to rescue you with his comrades of the Maquis in a little district of Yonne on the fifth of May, 1944, after your forced descent. My two comrades of the car [deleted] h [/deleted] were killed a short time after I myself was wounded in the course of a night operation and I have had no more news of you.
I am now in the ranks of the new French Army and I hope soon to be fighting against the common enemy.
In the hope of receiving your news, I cordially shake your hand.
My kindest regards to Mr. Exp: Corporal Aubert Roland, First half-brigade.
E.M. of the First Battalion.
Auxerre (Yonne).




“Letter to Jack Marsden from Albert Roland,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28063.

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