Two newspaper cuttings



Two newspaper cuttings


Left - messages from Bob Wareing. He was now in Germany and in good health. Mention bailing out, aircraft on fire, after operation to Le Havre. Continues with description of how news of him reached his wife.
Right - Army and RAF pay changes, Table of rates of pay from leading aircraftsmen to Squadron Leader.




Two newspaper cuttings mounted in a frame


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Greetings to Friends at Scunthorpe

Squadron Leader Robert Wareing, D.F.C. and bar, of Scunthorpe, is now in Germany, and in good health.
His wife, Mrs. Joan Wareing, of West Common Gardens, has


An order for the delivery of the “Evening Telegraph” at your home can be placed at “Telegraph House,” Doncaster-road, Scunthorpe.
Otherwise the only way of ensuring a copy is by giving a definite order to your newsagent or news-vendor. [/inserted]

Received three cards and a letter from him dated September and he asks to be remembered to his friends in Scunthorpe.
“Bob” baled out when his plane was hit and fired during a raid on the Le Havre area.
A letter that he appeared to have dictated to a Frenchwoman, who sent it to his wife, gave the first news, in September, that he was a prisoner in hospital in France. The Germans took him on with them in their retreat.

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The following are examples of the new pay rates for men in the Army with three years’ service and for those in the Far Eastern theatre: -

(a) Present Pay. – (b) New Pay (Home). – (c) New Pay (Far East).
Class One Private, unmarried – (a) £1 13s. 3d. – (b) £2 0s. 3d. – (c) £2 9s. 7d.
Class One Private, married, with wife and two children – (a) £4 4s. 6d. – (b) £4 11s. 6d. – (c) £5 0s. 10d.
Sergeant, unmarried – (a) £2 9s. 0d. – (b) £2 19s. 6d. – (c) £3 13s. 6d.
Sergeant, married, with wife and two children – (a) £4 18s. 0d. – (b) £5 8s. 6d. – (c) £6 2s. 6d.
Lieutenant, unmarried – (a) £4 11s. 0d. – (b) £5 6s. 9d. – (c) £7 8s. 9d.
Lieutenant, married, with wife two children – (a) £8 4s. 6d. – (b) £9 0s. 3d. – (c) £11 2s. 3d.
Captain, unmarried – (a) £5 15s. 6d. – (b) £6 11s. 3d. – (c) £8 13s. 3d.
Captain, married, with wife and two children – (a) £9 2s. 0d. – (b) £9 17s. 9d. – (c) £11 19s. 9d.
Major, unmarried – (a) £9 19s. 6d. – (b) £11 0s. 6d. – (c) £13 16s. 6d.
Major, married, with wife and two children – (a) £12 15s. 6d. – (b) £13 16s. 6d. – (c) £16 12s. 6d.

Similar examples for R.A.F. personnel after three years’ service are: -

(a) Present Pay. – (b) New Pay (Home). – (c) New Pay (Far East).

Leading Aircraftman (Group V), unmarried – (a) £1 15s. 10d. – (b) £2 2s. 0d. – (c) £2 11s. 4d.
Married, with wife and two children – (a) £4 6s. 3d. – (b) £4 13s. 3d. – (c) £5 2s. 7d.
Sergeant (Group V) unmarried – (a) £2 9s. 0d. – (b) £2 19s. 6d. – (c) £3 13s. 6d.
Married, with wife and two children – (a) £4 18s. 0d. – (b) £5 8s. 6d. – (c) £6 2s. 6d.
Flying Officer (General Duties) unmarried – (a) £6 7s. 6d. – (b) £7 2s. 11d. – (c) £9 4s. 11d.
Married, with wife and two children – (a) £10 0s. 8d. – (b) £10 16s. 5d. – (c) £12 18s. 5d.
Flight Lieut. (General Duties) unmarried – (a) £7 12s. 3d. – (b) £8 8s. 0d. – (c) £10 10s. 0d.
Married, with wife and two children – (a) £10 18s. 9d. – (b) £11 14s. 6d. – (c) £13 16s. 6d.
Squadron Ldr. (General Duties) unmarried – (a) £10 15s. 10d. – (b) £11 16s. 10d. – (c) £14 12s. 10d.
[missing word], with wife and two [missing letters]dren – (a) £13 11s. 10d. – (b) £14 12s. 10d. – (c) £17 8s. 10d.



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