Letter to Joan Wareing from RAF central depository



Letter to Joan Wareing from RAF central depository


A letter and inventory of the personal effects of Acting Squadron Leader Wareing.



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Three page typewritten letter


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Central Depository,
Royal Air Force,
Slough, Bucks.
[underlined] 17 th Oct. 1944. [/underlined]
[underlined] 86325. A/S/Ldr. Wareing. [/underlined] R. (D.F.C & Bar).
Dear Madam
In accordance with Air Ministry instructions the personal effects of the above named as enumerated on the enclosed inventory have been despatched to you by rail. [inserted] And registered post. [/inserted]
When the effects reach you kindly sign and return the inventory, for which purpose a prepaid addressed label is enclosed herewith.
Should it unfortunately become necessary at a later date to presume for official purposes death of the above named and should you desire to dispose of any of the uniform items I would bring to your notice that you should do so only to a person well-known to you as entitled to wear the uniform, or by sale to a reputable firm of tailors. On the other hand, you might like to know that Mrs. Mary Mathew of Officers Kit Replacements, 72 South Audley Street, London, W.1., which is a charitable organisation instituted for the purpose of replacing the uniforms of officers in cases of hardship, will probably be glad to have it.
I should like to point out that in the event of the consignment being received by you showing signs of damage in transit, you should, in your own interests, mention the fact on any receipt that you give to the railway company and at the same time perhaps you will be good enough to notify me in order that the necessary action can be taken. Similarly please let me know if the consignment does not arrive within 14 days from the date of this letter.
Yours faithfully
For Wing Commander, commanding,
[underlined] R.A. F. Central Depository. [/underlined]
Mrs Joan Wareing,
56, West Common Gds.
Old Brumby.
[page break]
[underlined] BX 21257 Personal Effects of No. 86325 A/S/L Wareing R. [/underlined]
1 brown suitcase containing: -
1 civilian jacket 1 civilian pair trousers 1 pair pyjamas 1 wallet containing photos & 3 packets Ronson flints 1 tin box of razor blades 1 box correspondence & photos &sundry papers & 2 bulbs 1 towel 1 button stick 1 blue zip pyjama bag 1 P.F.F. Badge 1 diary 1941 1F.S. cap with badge 1 raincoat 1 white sweater 1 pullover 1 pair slippers 4 collars 1 pair swimming trunks 2 shirts
1 Gladstone bag [inserted] (Corner Split) [/inserted] containing : -
2 tunics 1 towel 1 scarf 1 pair pyjamas 1 blue jersey 1 vest 2 collars 1 pair socks Pilots brevet & 3 ribbons
1 tin trunk containing: -
1 greatcoat 2 shirts 1 pair pyjamas 2 pair trousers 10 collars 2 pullovers 1 pair sport shorts 1 white sweater 6 ties 1 Bible 1 running vest 1 pair shoes 2 vests 2 pair shorts 1 cycle, lamp 1 cardigan 2 pair braces 7 handkerchiefs 1 cricket shirt 3 exercise books 2 photos in frame 1 tin containing 2 toothbrushes 2 combs (1 broken) 1 ribbon 1 file 1 lighter (no top) 12 pencils 1 propelling pencil 1 safety razor in case (Gillette) 1 chevron 2 armbands 1 small wallet 1 rubber 4 loose blades 2 wing nuts 1 screw 1 face towel 1 tin elastoplast 1 tin liver salts 1 cup 1 travelling watch in case 1 tobacco pouch 5 pair socks 1 odd sock 1 hairbrush 2 clothes brushes 1 cap S.D. 2 pair kid gloves
[page break]
2 odd woollen gloves 1 bundle correspondence & sundry papers 1 Pilots Notes 1 book of Logarithems [sic] 1 crown 1 ruler 1 nailbrush 1 wallet containing selaed [sic] envelope 2 pamphlets, 8 coathangers, [sic] 1 packet glucose tablets 1 packet flints 1 cuff link 1 photo 1 odd leather glove 1 dressing gown 1 shirt 1 vest 1 odd pair socks 6 handkerchiefs 1 towel 3 collars 1 pair pyjamas 1 Award of P.F.F. badge 1 gold watch no make, ring missing, & brass chain incomplete
1 brown attache case contg: - 1 tunic (Pilots brevet & 2 ribbons) 1 pair trousers 1 towel
[underlined] NOTE. [/underlined]
1 Austin Car retained at unit pending disposal instructions. 1 watch 1 watch chain 1 driving licence 2 certificates of Insurance. 1 Ministry of Food Reg. Card containing 2 duty ration cards. 2 cheque books (empty) 1 cheque book with 4 cheques, Reg. Book for W.F. 6811 Reg. book for FW 8747 1 Insurance Policy extracted and forwarded by unit to Air Ministry Dept. Accts.13. Worcester.
Cash amounting to £4.0.0. and stamps value 2/10 found amongst the personal effects has been credited to his service account.



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