McDermott, Colin


McDermott, Colin
C McDermott


87 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Colin McDermott (1119618 Royal Air Force). He served as an air gunnery instructor and flew operations as an air gunner with 98 Squadron. Contains his log book, papers and photographs and includes issues of 'Evidence in Camera'.

The collection also contains albums of photographs from his training at Evanton in 1943, taken during his service in Denmark and some duplicate photographs.

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McDermott, C

Collection Items

C McDermott’s flying log book for observer’s and air gunner’s
Air Gunner’s flying log book for C McDermott covering the period from 7 July 1941 to 28 July 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes course results, gunners briefing note and target details. He was stationed at RAF…

98 Squadron Gunner's Briefing
Briefing notes for gunners for an attack on Hamburg marshalling yards.

98 Bomber Squadron Crest
An enamelled badge of the 98 Squadron, both sides.

VIII Bombing and Gunnery School Crest
A crest of the VIII Bombing and Gunnery School. The motto is Coisnidh saothair teomachd, labor earns skill.

Movement Instructions for Vehicles in Convoy
Instructions for a convoy of four sections of 30 vehicles and a fifth with the remaining vehicles. It details the route and where stops will be made.
There is a second copy.

A map covering the area between Namur and Luxembourg.

England, South
A map covering the south of England.

Strait of Dover
A 1:500000 map of the Straits of Dover, covering the South East of England, Northern France, Belgium and Southern Holland.

Map of Hannover
A 1:250,000 scale colour map of Hannover.

Envelope and letter addressed to Colin McDermott
An unstamped envelope addressed to Colin. Handwritten on it is '139203 RAF Commission Letter' and his address.
The letter refers to the relinquish of his commission and includes a copy of the Queen's Regulations concerning the wearing of uniform.

Colin McDermott's Officer's Medical Record Card
RAF Form 1427 issued to Colin. It includes his inoculation record.

Grande Brasserie de Koekelberg
A book about the brewery of Koekelberg, Brussels. Inside is a comment 'RAF is welcome in Koekelberg. But I mean no so [sic] in Berlin' and signed [indecipherable]. There is a second comment 'With thanks', again the signature is indecipherable.

Legende de Gambinus
A booklet published by the brewery at Kockleburg. It tells of the brewer Cambrinus who was in love with Flandrine. He was given a recipe for beer by the devil on condition he got Cambrinus soul in 30 years and he had to give up Flandrine.

Free Gun Air Firing
A text book for instructors on air gunnery.

Advert for Moens & Co
An advert for a metal work company that supplied the lighting for the Theatre of the Royal Circle, Brussels.

Public Appointments
A newspaper cutting with two job adverts - assistant painting surveyors and a painting clerk of works for the Council architect's department, Preston.

Readers Letters
One newspaper cutting with two readers letters, the first about light and the second about the origin of the name for Canada.

Identification Card for Officers Driving Mechanical Transport
RAF Form 1839 issued to Colin McDermott.

RAF Service Compendium
The cover of a book labelled 'RAF Service Compendium Terston'.

Folies Bergere Programme
A programme for the revue complete with details of the acts and performers. Also included are adverts for perfume and drinks.

Colin McDermott's Clothing Book
A clothing ration book issued to Colin.

Letter to Colin McDermott from Air Ministry
The letter commands Colin to attend a selection board at Padgate.

Grand Gala Belgo = Tchecoslovaque
A programme for a boxing match with four fights.

German Ration Card
Three ration cards.

A book written as the war was ending. It is full of advice on how Allied forces should behave towards German civilians. It explains the logic of Nazi behaviour in detail. There is a section on useful phrases.
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