Crew of Halifax III - LW588 MH-O



Crew of Halifax III - LW588 MH-O


A document with a photograph of the crew, including Hugh Jones, of the Halifax that was lost whilst on an operation on the railway at Somain. Hugh Jones was in hospital and he was replaced by Harry Brown.

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Crew of Halifax III – LW588 MH-O
Lost whilst on operation to attack the rail facility at Somain, 11th August 1944
[black and white photograph of six airmen, three standing at the back and three sitting in front]
1866363 F/S Hugh Brenton Jones Rear Gunner, 18 – 1586187 F/S Clifford Oliver Victor Hunt Bomb Aimer, 20 – 1531800 F/S Ernest William Royal Navigator, 23
1602493 Sgt. Eric Ahmed Osman Wireless Operator, 23 – 1031817 W/O Robert Anthony Garrett Pilot, 23 – 1295928 Sgt. Albert Henry Leame Mid Upper Gunner, 21
Seventh Crew Member, not shown, 1591862 Sgt. Thomas Shaftsbury Cumbor, Flight Engineer, 18
F/S H.B.. Jones was in hospital on the 11th August 1944 so survived the crash. He was replaced by 160100 F/S Harry Brawn for that night. F/S Jones was killed on a later operation to Duisberg – NP934 MH-V, 18th December 1944 which crashed into woods near Thuin, Belgium following a mid-air collision



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