Officers advanced training school - documentation: posting



Officers advanced training school - documentation: posting


Covers purpose, Forms 28, filling in Forms 28, hastening of documents using a set A, check by C.O, Forms 1580 airman's/airwomen's record sheet, character and trade assessments, examples, assessments when made, authority for postings, points to watch and overseas. Followed by an appendix with an index of subjects and questions.



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[date stamp of No. 1 Officers Advanced Training School Jun 1945]
References: A.P. 837 Section 56
A.P. 1301 War Manual
K.R.L Chap. XXIX and XXX, Sect. VIII.

Appendix: P.3 Subjects – Index.
[underlined] DOCUMENTATION [/underlined]
[underlined] Purpose [/underlined]
1. (a) To record service history of airmen and airwomen
(b) Place C.O. in possession of airman’s record.
[underlined] List of Service Documents [/underlined]
2. (a) F.1580 Airmen’s/Airwomen’s Record Sheet ([underlined] Active Service [/underlined])
(b) F.121 General Conduct Sheet
(c) F.48 Medical History Envelope – Maintained by Medical Officer
(d) F.678B Leave Card (Filed as trade index)
(e) F.1788 Record of Ground Defence Training
(f) F.445A Cover for airman’s service documents (envelope)
(g) F.373 Officer’s Record Card )
(h) F.5000 Aircrew Training Reports ) airmen aircrew only
(i) F.64 Pay Book – held by airman.
N.B. Record Office maintain certain documents other than the above to record much of the same information.
[underlined] Forms 28 – Documents Record and Alphabetical Index Card [/underlined]
3. To ensure that airmen’s documents are maintained accurately and transmitted promptly Form 28 introduced in 1943. System explained fully in A.P. 837 Section 56.
[underlined] Filing of Forms 28 [/underlined]
4. (a) A Form 28 is completed for each airman or airwoman on arrival at a unit and filed as follows:-
Set A Airman arrived – no documents received
Set B Airman and documents arrived
Set C Airman posted away – documents still held
Set D Airman posted away – documents despatched
(Cards destroyed after 12 months)
(b) Sets A and C are scrutinised daily by N.C.O. i/c Orderly Room.
[underlined] Hastening of Documents using Set A [/underlined]
5. (a) After 10 days F.2037 to airman’s previous unit
(b) After 21 days F.145 to own Group Headquarters.
[page break]
- 2 -
[underlined] Check by C.O. (A.P. 837 Appendix para. 1702) [/underlined]
6. (a) Check set A and ensure F.2037 or F.145 despatched promptly
(b) Check set Card D, and ensure documents despatched within 48 hours.
[underlined] Form 1580 Airman’s/Airwoman’s Record Sheet (Active Service) [/underlined]
7. Most important document affecting airmen’s service. Special points to note:-
(a) [underlined] Next of Kin [/underlined] C.O’s must ensure that arrangements exist to keep addresses of next of kin up to date, e.g. on Pay Parade when airman’s Forms 1250 (R) are checked.
Next of kin is to be checked (verbally) on 30th June each year.
[underlined] Character and Trade Assessments [/underlined]
8. (a) C.O’s responsibility (may delegate to officers not below S.L. or Sq. O.) – should consult adjutant, subordinate commander or any officer having special knowledge of individual. Assessments must be made justly and with proper deliberation
(b) Assist C.Os. in preparing F.1394 – Brief Statement of service and Certificate of Discharge.
[underlined] Character Assessments [/underlined] (See K.R. 2140)
9. (a) Consider entries on F.121 General Conduct Sheet
(b) General character
(c) Effect of certain character assessments on G.C.Bs ‘Long Service and Good Conduct Medal’ etc.
(d) [underlined] Terms Used Abbreviation Brief Explanation [/underlined]
(i) Very Good V.G. Normal assessment for good behaviour
(ii) Very Good (Star) V.G. [symbol] (Awarded so that [underlined] ONE [/underlined] slip does not spoil an otherwise un-blemished record)
(iii) Good ) In Full Detention up to 20 days )
(iv) Fair ) In Full Detention 21 – 60 days )
(v) Indifferent ) In Full Detention 61 or more )
(vi) Bad ) In Full Discretion )
For these detention awards C.O. may not award higher assessment than shown. Details K.R. 2140.
[underlined] Trade Assessments [/underlined]
10. (a) Made under two headings
(i) A – Skill in trade (up to Cpl in ground trades) or aircrew category (for airmen aircrew)
(ii) B – Ability as N.C.O. and supervisor.
[page break]
- 3 -
[underlined] Examples [/underlined]
[heading] Rank – Character – Trade – Proficiency A – Proficiency B – Date [/heading]
AC2 – V.G. – Clark G.D. – Sat – [blank] – 31 Dec. 44
Cpl – V.G. – Cook – Supr. – Sat – -..-
Sgt. – V.G. – Fitter II (E) – [blank] - Supr. – -..-
F/Sgt – V.G. – Air Bomber – Supr. – Sat – -..-
(b) [heading] [underlined] Terms Used – Abbreviations – Brief Explanation [/underlined] [/heading]
(i) Exceptional – Ex – Sparingly – See K.R. 2141 (4)
(ii) Superior – Supr. – Above average
(iii) Satisfactory – Sat. – Average
(iv) Moderate – Mod – Below average – slightly
(v) Inferior – Inf. – Well below average.
[underlined] Assessments when made [/underlined] (Complete list A.P. 837 para. 3060)
11. (a) Important Annual Assessment on 31 Dec is notified to Record Office on F.483A for entry in permanent records
(b) As soon as possible after 31st December all airmen and airwomen should see their annual assessments (Notice in S.R.Os).
[underlined] POSTING [/underlined]
[underlined] Authority for Postings [/underlined]
12. All posting of airmen and airwomen ([underlined] other than aircrew [/underlined]) is done by Record Office except within overseas commands.
[underlined] Points to Watch [/underlined]
13. [underlined] Home [/underlined] (Complete diary of action A.P. 837 para. 1266) [inserted] A 797/43 [/inserted]
(a) C.O. not to question but may represent circumstances
(b) Documents to be despatched within 48 hours
(c) Kit to scale or issue Deficiency List – F.1383.
[underlined] Overseas [/underlined] (Complete diary of action A.P. 837 para. 1286)
14. (a) Notification is in two stages:-
(i) P.W.R. (Preliminary Warning Roll) 4 – 6 weeks beforehand if possible.
(ii) Detail for “actual draft” giving date and place of assembly (Personnel Despatch Centre), sometimes at short notice.
(b) Compassionate appeals – C.O. must not withdraw individual but should represent circumstances on receipt of P.W.R. [inserted] R.O.M. 27/45 [/inserted]
(c) Kit to [underlined] home [/underlined] scale – P.D.C. kit to overseas scale only
(d) Certificate of Preparation – taken by hand of senior airman on the draft and confirms action re (b) and (c) above, and medical fitness and pay (F.64)
(e) Documents [underlined] MUST [/underlined] reach P.D.C. not later than the day on which airmen arrive
(f) Airwomen
(i) Only volunteers sent overseas
(ii) Before C.O. recommends applicants to Record Officer they must have medical exam.
(iii) C.O. should scrutinise F.121 to ensure they are of good character.
[inserted] M.E. ROM 80/44
SEAC ROM 111/44
WE ROM 124/44 [/inserted]
[underlined] Amendments to this Precis: [/underlined]
[page break]
P.3 SUBJECTS – INDEX [/underlined]
[page break]
QUESTIONS: PRECIS P.3 PART I. [/underlined]
1. Who retains the Medical History envelope on a station?
2. How would you ensure that all next of kin entries of the Unit were up-to-date
3. In section 2 of the airman’s Record Sheet you will find a column headed “authority”. To what authority does this refer? [inserted] PDR. Number. [/inserted]
4. When inspecting your orderly room what would you deduce if you saw that Set C of forms 28 was fairly full?
5. Who should see an airman’s documents when they arrive at his new Unit?
6. Who makes the character and trade assessments?
7. Is ‘Indifferent’ a character or trade assessment?
8. What is the purpose of V.G. [symbol]?
9. Trade assessments are made under two headings A and B. What does each mean?
10. If in your flight you had a sergeant air bomber who had a basic trade of equipment assistant under what headings would you assess him?
11. What proficiency assessment would you give a steady average airman?
12. How do Record Office know what assessments you give airmen?
13. How does an airman learn his annual assessment?
14. Can a C.O. attach an airman on a course?
15. How soon should documents be despatched if an airman is posted
(a) to another unit at home
(b) to a P.D.C. prior to embarkation?
16. Who posts airmen on the ground staff?
17. Can a C.O. stop a Record Office posting?
18. If an airwoman volunteers for overseas service what must the C.O. do?
19. How much embarkation leave is an airman entitled to when his name appears on the Preliminary Warning Roll?
20. What is a Certificate of Preparation?


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