St Leonhard and George Warren's Grave



St Leonhard and George Warren's Grave


Item 1 is a photo of the inside of St Leonhard's church with an annotated cross indicating where George's grave is.
Item 2 is the crowded interior of the church, annotated '1958 by the Consecration our new church St Nikolaus with bishop Dr. Schroffer Eichstaff' Annotated with arrows 'Ernst Hohlheimer Gemeinderat', 'Mama Warren (George's Mother) Yes her face is full of regret! Your Grandmother have had a seat of honour near Burgemeister Bernhard' and 'Burgermeister Richard Bernhard von 1945 to 1960'.
Item 3 is a note with the address of the priest and is signed 'Yours very sincerely, Mary E. Carter'.
Under the heading of 'Newly discovered photographs' are the remaining photographs. The scans are of copies and the quality is poor.
Items 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 are of the headstone and grave of George.
Photo 9 is the crowd outside the church.
Photo 10 is the interior of St Leonhard's church.
Photo 11 is a priest and a woman standing on the steps outside a building, annotated 'Think Pfarrer Wittman and your Mama Beryl'.
Photo 12 and 14 are the outside of the church from the graveyard. Photo 14 is annotated 'Who is here? I do not know'.
Photo 13 is the interior of St Leonhard church.

Photo 10




Three b/w photocopied sheets


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