George Hutton and Airmen



George Hutton and Airmen


17 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a group of airmen arranged in five rows in front of a Stirling, captioned '199 Squadron Stirlings Lakenheath November 1943. Dad is third row up, fifth from left'.
Photo 2 is four airmen standing under the nose of an aircraft with a jester painted on it. It is captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Left to Right Chipy, Frank, Dad, Baron'.
Photo 3 is two airmen standing under the nose of an aircraft, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Dad (mid upper gunner) and Frank (navigator).
Photo 4 is a pilot leaning out of the cockpit of his aircraft, captioned 'Achmer Germany May 1945 Chip the Skip (pilot)'.
Photo 5 is Chipy and Frank standing under an engine beside a propeller, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Chipy (pilot) and Frank (navigator)
Photo 6 is Baron sitting on a propeller hub, captioned 'Acher Germany 1945 Baron "Shooting a line" . '
Photo 7 is of two airmen. One is on a ladder looking into the cockpit. The second is in flying kit, leaning on a propeller.
Photo 8 is two ground crew and Frank at the nose of a Mitchell, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Two ground crew Alf and George with Frank (navigator)'.
Photo 9 and 13 are Chipy standing under the nose of his aircraft, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Chipy again! (pilot).
Photo 10 is Baron and Frank standing at the nose of their Mitchell, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 Baron (bomb aimer) and Frank (navigator).
Photo 11 is an airman in the front of a bomber.
Photo 12 is an airman at the rear gunner's station, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 "The Baron of Leipzig" in office'.
Photo 14 is four airmen standing in a row, captioned 'Achmer Germany 1945 "The Boys" Hicky, Tommy, Baron, Nuts'.
Photo 15 is Baron standing amongst bombed buildings, captioned 'Achmer Germany May 31st 1945 "The Baron" "How I done it" Osnabruck'.
Photo 16 is a head and shoulders portrait of George.
Photo 17 is an almost full length portrait of George standing in a camp.



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17 b/w photographs on eight album pages


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