Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother



Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes of delays in mail from home. Asked if the government have published their plans for ex servicemen yet. Mentions Rhodesian prisoner arriving from Italy recently. Says they are all keeping fit.




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[underlined] MIT LUFTPOST AB KAIRO. [/underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [ink stamp] Mit Luftpost Par Avion [/ink stamp]

[ink stamp] Taxe perçue - RM. 25 Pf. [/ink stamp] An [underlined] MRS. C. BAKER. [/underlined] [ink stamp] GEPRÜFT 44 [/ink stamp] [ink stamp] censorship mark [/ink stamp] [postmark] Empfangsort: [underlined] CHARLTON INYAZURA [/underlined] Straße: [underlined] S RHODESIA [/underlined] Land: [underlined] SOUTH AFRICA. [/underlined] Landesteil (Provinz usw. [sic]

Gebührenfrei! Absender: Vor- und Zuname: [underlined] F/O DONALD A BAKER. [/underlined] Gefangenennummer: [underlined] 665. [/underlined] Lager-Bezeichnung: M.-Stammlager Luft 3 Deutschland (Germany) [ink stamp] U.S. CENSORSHIP EXAMINED By 653 [/ink stamp]

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My Dearest Mother, No more mail from you this month, but there has been another of the inexplicable delays, for the past three weeks, which seem to occur periodically. However there is supposed to be a lot of mail coming in so there’ll be one or two from you. Have the Govt published their plans for exservicemen yet? A Rhodesian called Harvey arrived here from Italy recently. Has been a P.O.W. about a year. His mothers in Sky. The rest of us keep pretty fit. Anthony & I still together. After a short wintery spell we’ve had 3 weeks of Indian Summers. Love to you all your loving son Donald. [postmark]


D A Baker, “Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 8, 2023,

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