Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother



Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes a card because he is in the mood. Reminisces of home and says he had received all their parcels. Writes that he does not need any more clothes. Catches up with family news and mentions other mail received.




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[underlined] MIT LUFTPOST AB KAIRO. [/underlined] [ink stamp] Mit Luftpost Par Avion [/ink stamp]
Kriegsgefangenenpost [ink stamp] GEPRÜFT 44 [/ink stamp] 25 PFGS [postmark] [postmark]
[ink stamp] Taxe perçue - RM. 25 Pf. [/ink stamp] An [underlined] MRS. C. BAKER. [/underlined][postmark] Empfangsort: [underlined] CHARLTON INYAZURA [/underlined] [ink stamp] censorship mark [/ink stamp] Straße: [underlined] SOUTHERN RHODESIA. [/underlined] Land: [underlined] SOUTH AFRICA. [/underlined] Landesteil (Provinz usw. [sic]

Gebührenfrei! Absender: Vor- und Zuname: [underlined] F/O. DONALD A. BAKER. [/underlined] Gefangenennummer: [underlined] 665. [/underlined] Lager-Bezeichnung: M.-Stammlager Luft 3 Deutschland (Germany) [ink stamp] U.S. CENSORSHIP EXAMINED By 349 [/ink stamp]

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Kriegsgefangenenlager Datum: [underlined] 4:9:1943

My Dearest Mother, Here’s another card as Im [sic] in the mood. Yes I remember Sasaucka & letting the cattle eat something valuable seems pretty typical of him. Yes I’ve had all the parcels thanks & probably all the letters. No I don’t need any more clothes either. Uncle John seems to be pretty poorly & not expected to recover. Had a note from [indecipherable word]. Anthony received a maddening card about God surrounding us & all live in the midst of peace & plenty. I’ve never heard of anything so completely idiotic - “peace & plenty”. Its [sic] from his mother so don’t say anything to her. Nice letter from Canon Lloyd to us both. Much love again, Donald.


D A Baker, “Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023,

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