Stamford Bridge



Stamford Bridge


Poem of memories of getting away to a little village



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Two page handwritten document


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[Royal Air Force crest]
[underlined] Stamford Bridge 26.6.43. [/underlined]
A little village where I once forgot,
The rottenness of war & all it means.
A rippling river and a June sun hot,
A young heart carefree, full of lofty dreams.
The meadows green, grass so fresh & soft
A wild rose plucked from some sweet country hedge.
I vowed I would this village visit oft,
And walk with you beside the river edge.
Poppies scarlet amongst the waving corn,
Fields of clover, its sweet scent begins [indecipherable word]
A new delight withing my heart was born,
We crossed the bridge and saw a little mill
A waterfall rushing & white with foam,
Making a lovely setting ‘gainst the sky
We saw the water lilies, beauty in every bloom,
We watched the graceful swans as they passed by.
The little Church so old & stoney [indecipherable word]
[page break]
Standing like sentries to guard the peaceful graves.
Its peeling bells inviting us to pray
To offer up a prayer to Him who saves.
Saves us from a war [indecipherable word] world of hell,
Let us relax & breath the country air,
The wonders of which my words can never tell,
Nor imagination stretch to sights so fair.
I’ll never forget those many happy hours,
Whenever my footsteps lead me o’er the Ridge,
Ill [sic] remember with a sigh the sun & flowers.
And [deleted] [two indecipherable words] [/deleted] that [inserted] peaceful [/inserted] evergreen haven – Stamford Bridge.


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