To a wounded hero



To a wounded hero


Poem about losing a loved one and subsequent memories.



Three page typewritten document


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[Royal Air Force crest]
To a wounded Hero.
I lived in a world so snug and small
Each evening watching the shadows fall
So safe behind a barrage of skill
Oblivious of bloodshed and kill.
Never realizing men died to save me
My eyes were blind I couldnt [sic] see
Further than a sweet country home
Nestled midst trees and a licacs [sic] bloom
War to me was a mythical name
But of course I had only myself to blame
I was a coward and cowards must die,
For I still watched the days go drifting by.
And then a blow struck deep at my heart
The sorrow of which I can never impart
The boy I loved lost his life in the air
I wanted revenge I didnt [sic] care.
Didnt [sic] care for my safety nor if I died
I lost all my happiness lost all my pride.
Gone were the thoughts of the home I adored
And thoughts in their place were thoughts I deplored
But they gave me courage to carry on
To do my best for some mothers son
Whose bullet racked body was shot to hell
And the flesh still bled where the shrapnel fell
They say a nurse can understand
Can soothed the troubled with the touch of her hand
[page break]
Sometimes I pause and wonder why,
God took him away from me far in the sky.
At times I forget that he died to save me
Died like a Hero to keep Britain free.
Sadness and sorrow is stamped on my brow,
My face has changed so he wouldnt [sic] know
The girl he once loved, Im [sic] glad he cant [sic] see
The wreck that is left where his dream girl should be.
But darling your memory will ever remain,
Within my heart, neer [sic] again Ill [sic] blame
The fate that claimed that claimed [sic] you the day you flew
The fate that severed our lives in two.
But [deleted] soon [/deleted] [inserted] one day [/inserted] we will meet in Gods heavenly home,
Together well [sic] stand by his sacred throne
For out of the War clouds bright sunshine will pour
And well [sic] be reunited for evermore.
I think when you died my heart died as well
I wanted revenge – to live was hell
But since then far from me those foul thoughts Ive [sic] hurled
And welcomed with glad faith a brilliant new world.
[page break]
Well I tried to comfort I tried to heal
The wounded hearts where death would steal.
But the thankful look in those dear brave eyes
As they turned so slowly to the skies
Will ever remain like a message of love,
Blessed by the Mercy of God above.
Someday I shall visit that peaceful grave
Where a tiny cross marks the memory of the brave
Who sacrificed their all, and could smile
Even when pain racked them al [sic] the while.
Id [sic] like to be buried by their side
To share the glory of the ones who died
For what is life when youth is gone
Haunted by memories of Sons from home.
In the summer sun, through the winter snow
Ill [sic] remember those [deleted] heroes [/deleted] [inserted] men [/inserted] especially you.


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