Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry writes to his family about his work and leisure time.




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1585520 LAC Ford TA
Hut 21, “J” Flt.
2 Sqdn. RAF,
Heaton Park,


Dear Mum, Dad & Moira,

Please excuse me not writing before, but I wanted to get some more news, before I wrote.

You see I decided to volunteer for flying-boats & as they wanted volunteers I handed my name in, but rather regretted it afterwards. In fact I was very doubtful so I wrote a long letter asking what you thought about it. However before I posted it, I found out that only very few were wanted just in case a posting came through, & in my case I haven’t been chosen, so I scrapped the letter, & that’s that, and I’m not at all sorry.

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I don’t think I’ve got much chance of getting on photographic reconnaissance without experience, so I think I shall try, if I get the chance, for Hudsons after all. That was really why I volunteered for flying-boats, in the hope that once I got into Coastal Command I could transfer to Hudsons.

I had a very good journey here, with bags of room in the train, & I got in well on time.

We went to see Charlie Chaplin in the Gold Rush on Tuesday & [deleted it [/deleted] enjoyed it very much. Last night we went to see Arthur Askey in variety. He was very good indeed, but the rest of the show was rather weak.

I received the airgraph from Basil, & have sent one to him.

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Fishy’s writing is very good in the letter I received. In fact I thought it was Yvonne’s.

How is Yvonne getting on now?

I was paid the usual amount to-day, so I suppose the increase in allowance hasn’t started yet. Perhaps you’ll let me know when you hear.

Well, we haven’t had any more news yet, so there isn’t much else to say, so I will wrap up.
Love to all,

P.S. Please give my regards to everyone.

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Terry Ford, “Letter from Terry Ford to his family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23891.

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