Letter to Douglas Hudson from J B Morton



Letter to Douglas Hudson from J B Morton


Mentions letter from Douglas's mother informing writer that Douglas was missing and now delighted to know he was alive and safe. Catches up with news of acquanitances. Hopes he got Christms card. Asks Douglas to let them know if there is anything they can send.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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Prisoner of War Post
[two indecipherable words] Post
755052 J.D. Hudson (Sgt Chef)
Camp De Sejour Suirveille
S Couvert Commandent D’armes
Nord Afrique
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JB Morton
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15 Montgomerie Rd
Prestwick Ayrshire.
Dear Douglas,
Here I am at last hope you got Xmas card alright. Well my Dear I was awfully pleased to get your mothers letter after having the one that you were missing. In fact I had written you and my letter was returned saying you were missing so I just wrote at once to your mother asking about you it was then we were all so anxious about you. I am very delighted to know you are alive and safe meantime. From your mother’s letter you seem to be very
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Well in health and otherwise I was very sorry for your mother and father but they are both in better spirits now. I hope you will excuse me being so long in writing to you. I thought maybe I would get a letter from you first. Beamar is just the same billets for the R.A.F. boys there is a course finished just now they left here Saturday for some where. So I have no one meantime. Mr Danks left 10 months ago I miss him very much but he had to go his business had a call on him. So I have no one in his place. The Greens are still here they have a little baby Girl now. I suppose you will never have had any word of Robert at all. I had one of the lads visiting me one who was before you he is well in the midst of things he was on 7 days leave.
You will be missing all the cold weather snow and ice and frost and rain. It will be quite summer where you are. I suppose it will be Christmas and New Year with you all the same. I would have sent you some little thing but wont know what to send or do but when you write you might please let me know if I can send you anything I will be only too pleased to do it.
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You remember Janie. She was awfully sorry to know you were reported missing, but quite pleased now to know your safe. Well Douglas I dont think I can say much more I know you wont have much time for writing but whenever you can I will be so pleased to have a note from you. Trusting you are in good health and spirits wishing you all the best of the season. Love and all good wishes from [underlined] J.B. Morton [/underlined]



J B Morton, “Letter to Douglas Hudson from J B Morton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23851.

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