Letter to Douglas Hudson from his mother



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his mother


Writes that she sent cable and copies content. Replies that she has had all the cables he sent as well as photographs enclosed in letters. Mentions she is delighted to get his letters. Comments on weather and reminisces. Catches up with family news and writes of father's work. Asks if he had correspondence from a friend and passes on news from other letters.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 70 [/inserted]
[inserted] 25.10.41. [/inserted]

191 Halifax Rd.
Nelson [underlined] Lancs. [/underlined]
Sunday. 28/9/41.

[inserted] 44 [/inserted]
My dear Douglas.

Yesterday I sent a cable to you “thrilled, two photos Monday, lovely autumn morning, wish well. all love. Hudson.” & now I am eagerly awaiting your reply. In one of your recent letters written in July you ask if have had all the replies [deleted] your [/deleted] [inserted] my [/inserted] cables to you. & by this time you will have got one or two letters assuring you of their safe arrival. My last letter, written to you on Thursday night, told of the safe arrival of your photos & how very delighted we are to have them. I do hope you haven’t had to sacrifice too much to pay for them. I just wish I could send you a little extra money occasionally.

Yesterday, when I sent the cable, was a most beautiful autumn day. with warm sunshine following a very heavy dew & the country looked very pleasant & fresh. Memories crowded thick & fast memories of the happy days when we rode so happily together down the Cheshire lanes. In one of your letters you say you hope we’ll have many more happy rides together. I wonder!!!

Following the lovely day yesterday today has been very poor. with rain & very heavy mist. almost like fog.

[page break]

I understand that this is a bad place for fog. & more than ever dread the winter as Dad has a long journey to the works. He has had a fortnight of night duties & it feels nice not to have to worry. I think about them for two weeks. He starts again next Tuesday & as winter approaches the hours are longer & Dad expects to have to stay at the works all day & night when his turn comes round once in eight days. I think I’ve told you before he has no actual duties – it is just a case of being on the spot in case it’s necessary.

Did you get the letter from Ted Hole? I hope you did. He wrote to [deleted] you [/deleted] [inserted] me [/inserted] such a nice letter & I have not yet replied to him. I think I told you he had been stationed in Iver but has now gone away again. It looks as tho’ [sic] John has not been moved yet. Mrs Clayton would have let me know, & think, especially if all hopes had been realized.

Grandad [sic] is going home on Tuesday. He has slept very well. & has seemed quite happy here. tho’ sic] there are a great many things not to his liking.

Now love I must say Goodnight again & hope I shall be able to write longer letters to you after next week meanwhile Dad & I send all our love. On 2nd thoughts I’ll leave my letter until morning. Perhaps there may be a letter from you. Monday morning. No luck re letters from you so I just go on hoping. At least it is (or they are) some thing to look forward to. Goodbye & God bless you always.

755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire



P Hudson, “Letter to Douglas Hudson from his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 17, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23846.

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