Letter from Terry Ford to his parents



Letter from Terry Ford to his parents


Terry writes home of his first operation and his social life.




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F/O T.A. Ford,
Officers Mess,
RAF. Mepal,
Nr. Ely,
Wed. 30-8-44.

Dear Folks,

Well, I have now done my first trip. I did it last night, & it was a very long one. I feel pretty tired at the moment. However it is a terrific experience. I flew over 4 different counties. Will you send on a packet of photographs of me that I left on my dresser please. As soon as possible.

Conditions here are really pretty primitive, but the food is quite good. However we have got a good crowd of blokes in our hut. (6 of us & we are trying to make it as much like home as

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I have met up with two blokes I knew very well at Dalcross & Wolverhampton & they have shown me the local pubs. The beer situation is pretty good. We don’t get a terrific amount of free time & we get no days off or 48hr passes at all.

We get 6 days leave every six weeks, but I don’t know when ours will be coming off. However I hope to be able to get home to collect the car sometime. I drove most of the way from Feltwell, in Reg’s car & coped quite well

By the way this is a New Zealand squadron & as I haven’t any N.Z. blokes in my crew I don’t know why I was posted here really.

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Anyway they seem to be pretty decent blokes.

Well, folks that is all the news for now. I am now going on a short practice flight to-night, & then get some lovely sleep in.

Much love to all

[underlined] Terry [/underlined]

P.S. I was glad, really, to hear about Aunt Liz. I don’t suppose Auntie May would have got any better until she went

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