Pilot Officer AG Edgar DFC



Pilot Officer AG Edgar DFC


A newspaper cutting announcing the award of a DFC to Alan. It describes the event the night they safely returned to UK with their damaged aircraft.



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Pilot Officer A.G. Edgar, D.F.C.

Pilot officer Alfred George Edgar, R.A..F.V.R., No. 49 Squadron, whose home is at Mottingham, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Born is 1922, he served in the ranks before being commissions in 1944.
One night in May, 1944, states the citation, this officer piloted an aircraft to attack a target in Belgium. On the homeward flight the aircraft was intercepted by a fighter and sustained much damage in the ensuing fight. The aileron controls and the trimming tabs were severed, whilst a fire broke out in the fuselage. The flames were extinguished but the aircraft was difficult to control. To keep the aircraft level it was necessary for Pilot Officer Edgar and another member of the crew to apply their full weight against the control column. In the manner which the aircraft was flown for two hours until an airfield was reached where Pilot Officer Edgar executed a masterly landing. This officer displayed great skill and resolution in the face of heavy odds.


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