Edgar, Alfred George


Edgar, Alfred George
Edgar, A G


83 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Alfred George 'Allan' Edgar DFC (b. 1922, 172180 Royal Air Force) He flew operations as a pilot with 49 Squadron.
The collection has been licenced to the IBCC Digital Archive by Pip Harrison and Sally Shawcross nee Edgar, and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Edgar, AG

Collection Items

Alan Edgar as a baby
Alan Edgar as a baby, sitting on a low stool. On the reverse 'AG Edgar'.

Pilot Officer AG Edgar DFC
A newspaper cutting announcing the award of a DFC to Alan. It describes the event the night they safely returned to UK with their damaged aircraft.

Recommendation for Honours and Awards (Immediate)
A document recommending an immediate DFC for Alan Edgar.

Alan Edgar's Operations
A list of 34 operations undertaken by Alan Edgar.

Transcript of interview with Allan Edgar
The memoirs were recorded in 1980 at a reunion at Sudbrooke. He starts by describing crewing up at Silverstone. His opinion of the Stirling was that it was awful on the ground and in the air. His first operation was a second 'dickie' (an observer) to…

23 Operational Training Unit RAF Upavon
37 airmen arranged in three rows. Underneath is captioned 'No 23 O.T.U. (7 F.I.S.), RAF, Upavon, September-October, 1944' Each individual is listed underneath.

12 Airmen
12 airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. They are a mixture of aircrew and ground crew.

Allan Millard and Bob Brooks
Two members of Alan Edgar's crew standing in front of a brick building. On the reverse 'L to R Allan, Bob

Two airmen including Alan Edgar
Two airmen standing by a brick building.

RAF Football Team
A football team plus four others, one of whom is wearing an RAF crest on his top.

RAF Football Team
The team is lined up and a civilian is shaking their hands, watched by an officer.

Two airmen in Khaki
Two airmen in khaki and shorts standing in the sunshine. The man on the right has pilot wings.

Four airmen including Alan Edgar
Four airmen including Alan Edgar around a Mercedes-Benz W120 'Ponton' . Alan is smoking and one airman is making V signs. Behind is a large wooden hut.

Identification kindly provided by John Braithwaite and Al X Watts.

Six Airmen
A group of six airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. On the reverse is handwritten -
'L to R
Back Row
Harry Bamforth "Smudge" Smith (Ron) Fred Outwin
Taffy, Nobby Red
A. Able Ground Crew
49 Fiskerton'.

Six Airmen in Fancy Dress
Six airmen dressed up in fancy dress outside a familiar brick building. On the reverse 'All the Mob. Recognise them?'

Canberra in Flight
Air-to-air view of Canberra WT334 viewed from the port side. Beneath is a layer of cloud.

Alan Edgar and his crew
A group of six airmen arranged in two rows in front of a brick building. On the reverse is written
'Left to Right
Bob the Navigator
Don the Rear Gunner
Allan the Air Bomber
Johnny the Mid Upper Gunner
Rid the Wireless Op
A second…

Airman and Lincoln
An airman standing under the wing of a Lincoln. In the background are three more Lincolns.

Two Lancasters
Two Lancasters on the ground. On the reverse 'F/O AG Edgar DFC 'A' for Apple 49 Sqdn P. Tatman, 3 York Rd, Kettering, Northants' and 'CH 12560'.

Lancaster in Flight
An air-to-air view of Lancaster 'G' in formation with a second. Image is of its starboard side.

Harvards at Moncton
A postcard of 14 Harvards in a line with a parade of airmen marching past. It is captioned 'Greetings from Moncton, N.B.'

Avro Lincoln Nose
The nose of an Avro Lincoln 'M' with an airman leaning out of the cockpit.

Aerial view of Nova Scotia countryside
An aerial view of Canadian countryside from a biplane. The wings can be seen on the right side of the image. On the reverse 'The Fleet takes me over Canada's vast countryside. Stanley EFTS July 42'.

Two bombers
Two bombers with their engines running, Viewed from the side/front.

A starboard side view of a C-47, engines running in the snow. It is annotated on the reverse 'A Yankee comes in to show us a big "ship". NUTS. Jan '43'.
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