Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes of high temperatures and going to hairdresser as well as different ways to walk into town. Mentions gaps in arrival of mail and then all come at once. Asks after baby jackal and whether he will resume boxing. Says she sent a donation to Red Cross on his behalf telling them how much he enjoyed the parcel. Writes about fate of his wardrobe. Catches up with family news and mentions the garden.




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Two page handwritten letter


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191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Thursday. Sept. 4th.

My dear Douglas.
I have been thinking of you so much today – the heat has been terrific & I wondered if you were hot & weary, as I was, trudging up Halifax Rd. I had to go to the hairdresser this morning & it is quite a long way, 2hr on the bus to town, & a 1hr bus out of town another way. Of course there are many ways to walk & I am always wandering off the main way to try to find some way nearer & easier & often get lost on my wanderings. I did this morning & only just managed to keep my appointment in time.

Well love there are no letters from you this week so I imagine the boat brings mails to this country about every other week. As you will know by this I had five letters from you last week & two weeks before that I had four letters all together on the Monday morning. In one of them you told about a baby jackal & I often wonder how it & your little puppy dog are getting along. Also I am wondering if you are able to resume your boxing practice. & if you are now able to play a proper football team. Did you know that the Scottish football clubs have been playing all through the summer?

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Last weekend I sent a postal order for 10/- to the Red X in London & a little note of thanks “on my son’s behalf” telling them how much you had appreciated the parcel. No doubt your parcel contained a small card which you were expected to fill in & send to them so they know the parcels reach their destination safely.

In one of your last letters you ask about your ward-robe. Your surmise is correct & [underlined] some [/underlined] of it has been utilized. The black & white sports jacket was cleaned & made a very useful garden outfit for “Harold.” Gradually the garments are being absorbed & as, as you suggest, they will be no use to you if your present dimensions remain it is better to use them don’t you think? Clothes are becoming a real problem & I read the other day that it will be almost impossible to buy an overcoat, before the winter is over.

On Saturday Dad has his long week-end holiday & we expect to go to Calverley to Auntie Gladys’s. I’m glad Mary & Dorothy have written to you. It always brings a bit more interest into your life if it is only village news. The garden is looking very “Autumny” [sic] now with worm casts all over the lawns, which are very green after a very wet month of August. We’ve still got a lot of flowers but the roses have nearly all gone. How I have loved them! I wish I could send you today’s Guardian with a very recent photograph of Piccadilly. You would be surprised & would certainly never recognise it. Makes me feel very sorry. Dad’s birthday tomorrow. – many thanks for your cabled greetings last week.

All out love,

Mother & Dad.

755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire AUMALE



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