Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports arrival of five of his letters that week and mentions stamps and postmarks. Mentions that radio announcement that different regulations are now in force regarding letters to prisoners of war in neutral countries. Glad that he takes part in sport and hopes his nose has heeled and will not impede his boxing. Pleased to receive his cable and wonderful that they can keep in touch. Catches up with news of home with decorators and cleaning. Writes of plans to visit relative and mentions other activities and catches up with family news.




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[inserted] 63 [/inserted]
[inserted] 24-9-41 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Rd.
Nelson Lancs.
Saturday. 30/8/41.

My dear Douglas.

I have been delighted to have five letters from you this week – 3 on Tuesday morning dated July 16/24/29 & 2 on Wed. [ditto mark] dated July 20/Aug 2/. Four of the five are marked “Par Avion” one, July 28th, is not but it arrived in quite good time just the same. None of the letters have postage stamps but each is stamped with [inserted] red [/inserted] lettering “Prisoner of War Post.” So I conclude there has been still another change in the manner of posting.

We learned from a radio announcement last night that different regulations are now in force regarding letters to civilians & prisoners of war in neutral countries so I must make a point of getting one [inserted] a pamphlett [sic], [/inserted] & seeing what it’s all about. Well love I couldn’t tell you what joy your letters bring to me. I am so glad you take part in sport & organised games I do hope your tender nose is now quite healed & that the weak spot will not debar you from taking further part in boxing.

It was grand to have your cable yesterday It is wonderful that we can keep in touch with each other & as I’ve told you in a previous letter

[page break]

it is such a thrill to have news from you in one, or two, days. This week has been one of poignant memories coupled with a deep gratitude & you have been constantly in my thoughts tho [sic] I have had a very busy – far too busy – week with the decorator doing a bedroom the bathroom & the hall & staircase. What an upset! & what a lot of scrubbing & polishing up, afterward! How I do miss Mrs Lord on these occasions!

This evening, since dinner, I’ve been doing a bit of enamelling, white – our landlady will scarcely know her own house when she comes to collect a month’s rent in advance on Mon, Sept 1st She may not like the decorator’s account tho [sic] he does work cheaply – everything is so expensive & wall-papers are just doubled in price since war started. I’ve told you in a previous letter that we are going to Auntie Gladys’s next week-end Sat. until Tues.

Dad does not go to the Works until Thursday but thought he would like to go to Manchester on Wednesday. He has not been back since we came here in February & as no doubt you have gathered [inserted] from the Daily Mail of Manch [sic] issue [/inserted] is a sadly altered town from when you were here. The days just fly away & I always have been so busy since we came here. The days are shortening very rapidly & it’s blackout time about 8-35p.m. feels like the end of summer. Goodnight & God bless you always.

All or love

Mother & Dad

755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Aumale. Algerie.
North Africa.



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