Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes about the recent good weather and the view from the house. Wonders whether he is able to enjoy Africa. Some time since his last letter but glad they are able to cable him, which they are planning to do that week. Catches up with local news and gossip as well as mentioning some activities.




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Two page handwritten letter


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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
England .
Sunday June 30th /41
[inserted] 18-7-41 [/inserted]
My dear Douglas.
After a week of most beautiful summer weather, we have grey skies today with closeness that portends a storm. Last Sunday, wasn’t it, I wrote & told you of a remarkable storm. Instead of bringing, as usual, a change in the weather, that storm seemed to clear everything up & we have simply loved the beautiful sunshine of the past week. The view from our house has been very wonderful – all the week we had marvellous effects from sun rise to sunset & I think if we do have a severe winter; as last year, we should take comfort from the hope of beauty which we know will surely come again with the turn of the year. There is a small reservoir at the foot of our garden & it has been very lovely all the week with reflections from the ever changing sky. Always I am thinking of you. We had always thought of Africa as a place of great beauty & marvellous weather & scenery & I wonder if you are able to enjoy it in your extraordinary circumstances. It
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seems a very long time since we had a letter from you. The last one was dated April 4th & tomorrow will be July 1st. But we are thankful indeed that we are able to cable to you. I have not sent a message to you this week, but intend to send one with prepaid reply again this coming week. Dad is on holiday (Nelson holiday week) & we are thinking of going to Manchester tomorrow, Monday & will probably send a cable from there. On Thursday we are invited to Calverley for a day to 106 Thornhill Street & according to present arrangements that will be the extent of our travelling. It’s not really funny travelling in these days & we just love our new home & garden & are content to rest in it.
Just this moment our next door neighbour has asked us to go for a little walk with him & his wife after dinner this evening. They are lovely people both are seventy in years but about 50 in spirits. We have indeed been very fortunate in getting so comfortably settled here. I think I’ve told you before that Miss Chester is cousin of Fred Chester of Calverley.
This morning (Sunday, of all days) Dad & I have been to Burnley. I’ve been very lame with neuritis in my neck & arm (a legacy from that terrible month of suspense last September) & was advised to go to a manipulative surgeon at Burnley. He certainly gave me a good shake up but am not [two indecipherable words] of permanent benefit. Well Love my letter is ended once again. I always feel that we are so many days nearer to the joyous reunion for which we so eagerly hope & pray. With all our love.
Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef. Hudson
Camp Militaire
British Prisoner of War.



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