Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Describes activities including cleaning previous house and comments on the weather. Writes that the grocer brought her goods including bundles of firewood. Catches up with news of family/friends and gossip about activities. Worried that details of new house location in previous letter might have been censored. Concludes with more gossip.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 4-6-41 [/inserted]

6 Walverden Crescent

Friday May 2nd/41

My dear Douglas.

It is now 9-30 p.m. Dad is out for the night so I thought I would send a few lines to you before going to bed. There is no need to tell you how I dislike these nights alone & they seem to come round so quickly.

Well love, I’ve had a very busy day. You will be surprised when I tell you that I am trying to clean the other house myself. There is a great shortage of labour as you can imagine & so far I have found only one Mrs Lord. The woman I had at Kersel could not compare with her & I daren’t try anyone from the labour exchange after Mrs Servian’s[?] experience. So today I’ve made a very brave effort & tonight I can “thank God for the joy of labour attempted & achieved”. It has been a bright Spring day with sunshine all the time but the nasty nip in the wind warns us that summer is not yet here. We imagine that you will be having real summer weather now & do hop you will not find it too

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exhausting. I hope you are able to get plenty of fresh fruit. It should be useful to help you not to get too hot & shrivelled. [new paragraph symbol] The grocer brought my goods about an hour ago with bundles of firewood included & evidently a huge spider in it. I spied it crawling along the floor & as “Father” is not here I had to do a deed of [indecipherable word] & as you know I don’t like those “squashy” duties. [new paragraph] Wednesday I was in [indecipherable letters] & met Mr Tatham. He looked very well & thought that he said he was only just going to business (at 12 p.m.) as he had not been too well. He had a fall two weeks ago & fractured a finger. Not realizing the severity of the injury it had been neglected thus causing more difficulty in the[?] setting. Of course it would be very painful. [new paragraph symbol] I wrote to you one night this week trying to describe for you the situation of our new home. I did not realize that I was telling you names of places, so it is quite probable that letter may be severely censored & you will understand what it was about. [new paragraph symbol] It is some weeks since I heard from Mrs Clayton. Did I tell you she was expecting Miss Howarth going to live with her? Can you imagine the hilarity amongst the different members of the house hold? Poor John! & lucky Dorothy. I wonder if she married her soldier? Well love, my tale is ended once again. All our love & thoughts are with [inserted] you [/inserted] & very special ones for May 21st. from Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef Hudson
c/o The American Consul
Afrique du Nord.



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