Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes they have finally got an unfurnished house and gives address. Mentions plans for moving and will be happy when all settled. Describes house and views. Says month since last letter. Catches up with news and gossip.




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[inserted] 39 22-5-41 [/inserted]

6 Walverden Crescent

April 29th 9.40 p.m.

My dear Douglas.

Just a few lines before going to bed. This is Tuesday night & last time I wrote was Friday which is rather[?] too long but I seem to be very very busy now. My quest for a house, described in a previous letter has at last got a definite result & we are fortunate indeed to have got an unfurnished house at 191 Halifax Road Nelson & expect to remove our furniture from Kersal on Friday May 9th. I shall send you a cable about that time so you have our address immediately. It is a fairly modern house similar to Worsley[?] but not as nice – it fronts the main road but we have a very open view & hope to enjoy some lovely sunsets as Old Sol goes down behind Pendle Hill. The garden is just like Kersal with a bank of grass at the side instead of the rock garden, but the back door opens on to it & you know how I shall love that. At the foot of the garden, divided by a very narrow field is a small reservoir & beyond that Nelson town lies in

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the hollow. We have a marvellous view beyond that & on a clear day can see Great Whernside[?] mountain 40 miles distant. Under peace time conditions I should be very content & happy in such surroundings but in these days of turmoil & strife we just keep on; hoping all the time for peace & joyous reunion again. Always I am thinking of you & looking for your letters. It is now almost a month since your letter of Jan 18th arrived, so I just keep on looking for more news. There’s a letter from Auntie Maud [indecipherable word] by the afternoon post. She tells what a marvellous time Eileen had with Mollie & baby Andrew & also of the birthday, 21st. birthday gift to Mary – a dressing-table set in green. Dad & I will send some [deleted] Monday [/deleted] [inserted] money [/inserted] then she can get something else she really wants. Now love it must be Good-night once again. Tomorrow I am away Kersal to do some packing so if you miss your letters you will understand how busy I shall be until we get settled. There is no Mrs Lord this time & I intend to do everything myself. It is still very cold here & on Sunday we had quite a heavy shower of snow. All love as ever from Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef. Hudson
c/o The American Consul
Afrique du Nord.



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