Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Looking forward to more letters from him. Mentions cost of airmail going up. Writes of activities and weather. Catches up with news of family and friends. Still awaiting news of house and discusses other issues and will be happy to get settled. Sent via American consul Tunis.




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6 Walverden Crescent
Nelson Lancs.
Tuesday. April 22nd/41
[inserted] 37 16-5-41 [/inserted]
My dear Douglas.
Our last letter from you was dated Jan. 10th it seems a very long time ago. We received it three weeks ago & just keep on looking forward to more letters from you. I think I told you in my last letter that the charge for letters by Air Mail to Tunisia is now 4d. Two months ago it was 1/3. today I read in the Mail that the charge for a letter by Air Mail to the Middle East is 1/3 so I’m wondering what it’s all about. However I do hope you will receive the letters all right I shall be interested to hear from you about them.
Well love there is no need to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to Hill Cote. Even the weather was on its best behaviour & on Sunday morning Uncle & Auntie, Dorothy, Dad & I had a grand walk through the Ravencliffe Woods & over Woodhall. Dorothy had another new coat – it was such a pretty shade of “palish” blue - & she looked very fair &spring-like. All the same I get an impression that Eric has chosen a rather expensive
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young lady. Auntie has two pretty photos of Millie & baby Andrew. He is a little beauty & looks more like seven months than seven weeks old.
We are still awaiting news of this house in Halifax Road. Last night Dad & I walked across (quite a long walk) to look at the outside again. The lady from next door came out & asked if we would like to look round her house – that would give us a better idea of the size of the rooms. Wasn’t it a nice gesture? The Nelson people are very kindly & pleasant & I think we shall be able to live here quite happily if we can get a house of our own. On Saturday morning we had a letter from 23 Rectory Rd. Crumpsall applying for the house in Moorside Rd. furnished. We have been away from it since February & shall be so relieved to get settled again. We intend to let the house only for the duration of the war. I never realized what a nice house it is until the search for one here began. As soon as I get a permanent address I will write to all the friends who have so kindly written to you. Now Big Ben is just striking nine so its time to say Goodnight again. With all our love & wishes for your birthday on May 21st. I have not yet heard anything about the chocolate but will send some for you as soon as I can get it. So glad you are able to get cigarettes. They are not too plentiful here. All love from Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef. J.D. Hudson
R.A.F. British Prisoner of War
C/o The American Consul
Afrique du Nord.



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