Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


No recent letters from him and been without news for a long time. Writes of how severe winter was. Catches up with family news. Mentions going back to previous location for a few days and outline progress with move.




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Scotland Rd.
Sunday 2/3/41
[inserted] 31 7-5-41 [/inserted]
My dear Douglas.
I was saying to Dad yesterday that we have been longer without news of you than ever since you went away. Your last letter was dated November 29th so it is well over 3 months since it was written. During that time we have passed through a very severe winter. I have often thought & said it was much worse than last year but could not get any one to agree. This a.m. however one of the guests read out aloud that this has been the most severe winter since 1917 so I feel that I do know something about weather conditions now. Heavy rains have cleared most of the snow away, but this morning is wet & showery again – a real March day. We have wondered all the long time how you have fared. Miss Morton wrote that she’d read of snow in Tunisia which must have come as a great surprise to you all.
I told you in a previous letter that we sold the B.S.A. The day [inserted] before [/inserted] we came away, then a few days ago a letter from Mrs Clayton said that John
[page break]
wanted to buy it. Did I tell you that the man from King’s said what improvements will be made in the machines after the war. He says the boys will scarcely recognize them as motor cycles – there will be so many refinements.
Tomorrow I am intending to return to Kersal for a few days. We are so unsettled & I must try & do something to get a quieter mind, especially as the home is still just as we left it & the demand for houses is quite good I intend to sleep at Mrs Clayton’s & do hope it will be mild warm weather. Have I told you that we had enquires about our house from the Jewish lady at No 8. Her father-in-law would take it either furnished or unfurnished. Our worst trouble is getting a house here – the demand is very great & I don’t want to settle here entirely. Our living all the time for when “We’ll meet again some sunny day.” Now love that is all for today. Always when I’ve sealed my letter I remember something else to tell you. Until the next one. “Keep a stout heart”. as you said in your last letter to us & all our love is with you. Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef. J.D. Hudson
Camp de Sejour Surveille
C/convert Commandant D’armes
Le Kef
Afrique du Nord.



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