Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes of their activities and mentions suggestion that they try and sent a message to him via radio forces messages. Hopes to have their own house soon. Says they are listening to the radio. Catches up with more news and gossip.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 29 7-5-41 [/inserted]

Scotland Road

Sunday. Feb. 23rd 1941

My dear Douglas.

We have just finished lunch & now Dad & I are sitting beside a lovely fire with another young gentleman guest from London, listening to the wireless. And writing this just reminds me of your suggestion that we try to send a message to you by Sandy Macpherson. We had not heard of him until Peggy came to stay with us. She had the wireless on all day long & that was how we heard the programmes to the forces & the messages sent to the boys by their relations. We did think of asking for a message to be sent to you but thought you might [inserted] not [/inserted] like the publicity. So probably by the time you get this you may have heard that Dad & I are all right & thinking of you all the time “a brown bird[?] singing”, is still my favourite record & its message to you would be only too obvious – all through the night my lonely heart is waiting - & as you said in your very last letter to reach us the waiting will probably make the reunion even more joyful.

I hope by the time you get

[page break]

this we shall have definite news of a house of our own which we hope to let you have by cable [deleted one word] [inserted] not the house but the cable [/inserted] You know I’m trying to write to you & listen to a funny man on the wireless. He is one of the silly ones who laugh at their own jokes. I wonder if you are allowed to hear any of the programmes to the Forces. We always think of you as we are listening.

We have had a very severe winter & the ground is covered with snow still, & we have still more showers. But we also have an occasional gleam of lovely Spring sunshine which brings great joy to me.

I have just written to Auntie Una & Uncle. Last Sunday we spent a very happy afternoon with them. Mrs Fenwick is still a lovely[?] old lady at 78. Did I tell you in a previous letter that Mary has broken off her engagement to John. She is spending a lot of time with Roland, & apparently is having a high old time. Naturally Auntie is very anxious. It is a rather unusual household. Now love I’ve to go to [indecipherable word] for a day or two this week, so may be able to send you news of John from there. So now goodbye once again. With all our love Mother & Dad.
755052 Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson,
Camp de Sejour Surveille[?]
[indecipherable word] Commandant Darmes[?]
Le Kef.
Afrique du Nord.



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